My Scene craze is not even in the same zipcode as over yet.

Still addicted to it, and Nolee the girl with black, long hair is my fav. She reminds me of Norelle in American Next Top Model (My fav too). Their names sound similar. She had long hair like her too until they cut it.

My Scene dolls have their IT guy friends too.

But I’m anti Hudson. Check out his star sign. Heehee.

But I dig River!

His name that is. And I told Mozzie.

Cheesie: i love the name River! It’s so Living!
Cheesie: next time im gonna name my boy something like that
ChingChing i dowan boys
ChingChing actually i donwan kids
ChingChing too troublesome
Cheesie: me too actually
Cheesie: hahaha
ChingChing i LOVE kids, as long as they’re not mine
Cheesie: seeing myself being such a nuisance i don’t think i want kids man


Change of topic.

I’ve been spending hours in some of the fun stuff:

ChingChing Fun Stuff?
Cheesie: Uh huh. Like monsters that collect screams, fish that talks and OGRES.

LOL. Pardon that. I just miss the Radio Show we did together.


Be a Fashion Designer!

Ugh. Turquoise overload.

Beauty Studio

I dyed Nolee’s hair PINK, made her wear lavender lens, and adorn her with really princessy bling blings. Lovely no?

Room Makeover

OMC I totally love this. Look I’ve designed myself two bedrooms and I can’t decide which is better!

Babybelle says yes to

Cheesillicious says aye to

That’s the prob with having so many altercheesgoes la. *slaps face emo*

Fortune Fun

OMC Nolee even has her own little Tarot thing. This could be so fun…

… or not.


And I’ve stolen My scene’s scenes to be the Stellar’s avatar. Thieffff…