Oh yea, by the cheese I have something to add on to the review.

Café Café plays The Godfather’s theme.


Imagine half way savoring your Foie Gras and you hear the theme which immediately reminds you of the bloody horse head and the blood-gushing eyeball and spinal nerves that spill out like angel hair pasta (nah don’t think there’s such a scene but hey that’s Jack Shephard’s line!! So gorily delicious and I so love it =D ).

Damn potong steam right.

Speaking of which, I never get how Al Pacino managed to age so drastically within 20 years (He seemed like he’s 40 years older than he was in Part I and Part II), and then look 20 years younger after another 10 years.

Whoa, damn canggih wei the anti-aging stuff he uses.