During our journalism lecture today, someone gave us a questionnaire about designer brand Zang Toi to fill up.

Mozzie and I were feeling excreamly naughty today. Check out what we actually wrote. And the questionnaire really amused us throughout the lecture.

Question 1
What are the brands or names that first come to your mind on fashion designs? (Please write down the brand name)

Nah I don’t particularly fancy any of the above, well, alot, *winks* I just love the way they sound! Miu Miu, so cute right! =D

Question 2
On a scale of 1-10 where (10 means excellent), how would you rank the following fashion brands? (Please circle)

Hello! Please lo, don’t freaking abuse the name Kelvin can? Bloody oafs. You can go eat your brains up when you run out of food.

And look at Channel. poor thing. Might as well come up with Kelvin Client, DKMY, Louish Weitton and Jojo Ah-Money. Duh. Oh yea, Astro suggested “Zang Chun Doi” too, lol!

Question 5

Question 11
I am going to show you the Zang Toi New York logo. Can you describe what you see?

Question 12

What is your first impression of this logo?
*logo attached as below

Mozzie’s answer:

Cheesie’s answer:

We mean anot? Mean leh. Wahaha. I really wonder what Zang Toi will think if he sees that.

Anycheese. An irrelevant picture during the questionnaire just to make you jealous.

Damn good wei the kitkat! =D