Other stuff we had in that mysterious jap restaurant.

Assorted Tempura

Crisp crisp crisp. It’s hot!

Unagi Kabayaki

A bit of a disappointment cuz it doesn’t give that i-don’t-wanna-brush-my-teeth-after-eating effect. I would say this is not their usual standard. Could have been better!

Ikura sushi

Ikura is my absolute fav sushi. One unwritten rule about eating sushi. You have to eat that entire piece of sushi in one bite. If not you’re loserish. Don’t ask why because you’re just like a ballerina who cannot do split.

The Ikura Sushi……It’s like a terrorist had placed bombs on the rice. The roe were high pressured capsules of aphrodisia that burst upon contact with your tongue. Every single roe explodes like the pop rocks candy.

Whoa , it is orgasmic I tell you.

Imagine every roe brings you an orgasm. Fuiyoh! Hundreds of simultaneous orgasms!!

If only Ebiko sushi is as orgasmic!


You prolly die of orgasm OD.

Soft Shell Crab Temaki

There’re a lot of funny stories about soft shell crab handroll/maki. I once ordered this soft shell crab maki in another mysterious jap restaurant, when the waitress repeated the order I heard she say “One sap sap geh maki (means wet wet crab in Cantonese).

Personally I would prefer maki to temaki (handroll) , because a temaki is categorized as one of the “forbidden food to order on first date” in iCheesalot Bible, alongside with Caesar salad and lamb rack.

You see, eating a temaki, in fact, could be a very seducing action.


Do you eat it from the tail or from the top? Whichever way, it requires great poise and grace! If done wrongly, you will end up feel like kicking yourself in the face because you just act like an oaf in front of your cutie.

Also, it depends on the freshness and quality of that particular temaki.

Uh. If you want to embarrass yourself, try sushi king’s.

Imagine the seaweed gets so limp and so difficult to tear off. When you attempt to bite it off, you risk looking like a ferocious alligator that descends upon the prey and peck at it viciously, tearing and swinging its head from side to side. And your date might find himself watching Animal Planet.

Such a beastly act of eating!!!

Okay. OTed a lil. But my point is!

This SSC Temaki is so cheesing fresh and crispy, you can just eat it top down/bottom up/sideway, whichever way you want!!

Go seduce your dreamboat now!

Oh by the way, another different angle of the temaki shot . It looks like the great offerings–3 joss sticks on the altar

Last but not least.

Macha Ice Cream

Still, the rock melon was waaaaaaay better.