Yes people you are a cheesnius. Rock melon it is. And it is not a normal rock melon. It rocks.

The melon rind

The sliced melon

Let’s take a closer look of that juicy flesh

Mozzie and I had this out of the world melon in a mysterious Japanese restaurant. Believe it or not. Two slices of this melon is RM three figure.


Wahaha now you regretted guessing it right because you will have to buy me (better still me and Mozzie) that RM three-figure rock melons for lunch. We promise we won’t ask for more. =D

It’s freaking ex la, but it’s like once in the life time experience lor.

Let me tell you why the melon is sooooooo good.


Yea that was how good it was. Mozzie and I went completely speechless. In fact I still don’t know what to say about it. Let me try.

It tastes like a piece of melon without fiber, sort of like a scoop of 100% melon sorbet, only 100,000 times better. I can just say it melts on your tongue like an ice cube in a hot oven. It fell apart and so did I, over the intense sense of euphoria.

Good things always melt in your mouth don’t you think so? *winks*

The most premium food are kinda melty anyway. Like Foie Gras, Melty Kisses (Strawberry please), Danish cream cheese… and… ROCK MELON!

Hmmm, since I cannot aptly describe the exact euphoric taste of a heavenly slice of rock melon, lemmi quote some of Mozzie’s lines to give you a more comprehensive picture of it.

“I wish my saliva tastes like this rock melon juice.”

“If only i ate enough for me to turn into a rockmelon cheese.”

“That aiyo-sudden-burst-of-flavor is so tsunami, katrina, el nino, la nina everything. okay okay, don’t say i’m not patriotic, so kinabalu also can.”

“It is so good, I think I can puke it out and eat it back again and it will still taste a gazillion times better than honey dew”


The last one is gross la.

Anycheese. THAT is what I would call a perfect ending to a wonderful meal. No amount of Tiramisu or Crème Brulee whatsoever can ever beat that.

And trust me. No more honey dew for the rest of your life!

By the way I’m absolutely joking about the lunch thing. You can save it. I only wanna dine with the first person who answered my question correctly. You lucky bunny =D

Stay cheesed for more reviews!