Warning: Super Heavy Pic & Fairly long Entry

Yea, so you noticed.

I’m posting up a lot of bigcheese photos recently.

I am trying to experiment with the angles because I’m still not convinced I can only look good in one particular angle.

You see, this is not my secret anymore. People who are observant will notice that I always pose right while sitting/standing/lying down (don’t think otherwise, you twisted antenna Keju).


“I always strike a pose that shows more of the right side of my face” would be more precise.

To quote Jasiminne who quoted Tyra Bank who once said “it took me 5 years to find my perfect angle”. She and I both agree that Tyra Bank is stupid. It only took us 5 days to figure out our most flattering angle. No cowdung or buffalopoo. Just practise, practise and practise (camwhoring, that is).

Guys don’t understand why when girls pose, they always tilt their head 45° to the east/west/north/south (whichever way that will possibly make you look remotely like Kristin Kreuk). Now they do.

Everyone has a “better” angle. So stop asking why I always pose the same way. Because it is MY pose.

Let me show you cheesie’s angle:

It is ugly-proof!!!




I’m ok with forever posing my angle, but mom is not!!!

While taking photos for me, she started complaining why I always show my right face instead of looking straight or turn to the left.

“Aiyo, you know you always pose like this hor, very sien leh, everybody’s gonna get sick of your right face. Where got people like this one.”


Mom. Obviously you are not qualified to be a pose coordinator, yet.

If you think I pose forever the same,


Cyndi Wang 王心凌, a Taiwanese lollipop singer, in case you don’t already know.

left face                                          left face

left face                                          left face

left face                                          left face

left face                                          left face

left face                                          left face

left face                                          left face

Look, if you ever doubt I purposely only post pictures of hers of the same angle and pose (since she has like hundreds of gallery websites), go google abit to prove yourselves wrong.

95% of her pictures are showing her left face.

[HONEY] Album and [Shan Yao 2005] Album

left face                                          left face

[Cyndi Loves You] Album and [Cyndi With U] Album

left face                                          left face

Every freaking CD album cover!!!

And this month’s iFEEL magazine that features her on the cover.

Even the inside 4 pages spread!!!

Left face left face left face left face!!!!

Ok now you say, “Eh, no ah, the right page of the bottom pic shows her right face leh.”

Well before I knock your head with a 10 pound Babybel

Look again!! Carefully!

You know got such thing called “Flip Canvas Horizontal” in Photoshop???

Wake up!

Ok now, this is the only pic of hers which showcases her right face.

If it doesn’t say Cyndi, you will never guess it’s her right? Looks so different no? See how much can a perfect angle do.

I look good from the right, Cyndi looks good from the left. And we make the perfect camwhore buddies. Muahaha.

I have my perfect camwhore buddie already–Aki the Lolita Mui Mui!

I damn love her camera phone i tell you! (some dodgy brand, but it makes your face extra slim!)

So, what if!

My potential camwhore buddy also only poses the right side? Then how?


Wait la. Stay cheesed for part II to find out soon.