One and a half years ago.

It was jagged because, i think it felt so cold it was having goose bumps all over.

March was a beautiful season. Sakura was blossoming and it opened the heart up. Birds were chirping and it cheered the heart up. I had a warm blankie wrapped around it in the beautiful spring season.


One and a half years ago, Cheesie and Mozzie found out that this Anal Lecturer Lady (A.L.L. in short) has a very supernatural mind.

Allow me to repeat it.

A.L.L’s mind is locked with booby traps (whoever tries to open it will get shot), is password protected (no matter how many times you try), IP bound (automatically records whoever attempts to attack), and most SAI LEI-ly, hacker-proof (it’s so solid and adamant no one could ever gain access to it and alter the content.)

Quoted 6th Nov 2004 @
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The discovery was shocking. But guess what? One and a half years later, Cheesie had another shock of her life. She actually found out that there’s an appalling resemblence between A.L.L’s mind and her heart.

Cheesie’s heart VS A.L.L’s mind.

It was by choice.

As much as she admits that she feels disgusted to be even remotely connected to A.L.L in analway at all, she finds having an A.L.L’s mind concept applied to her heart is, perhaps, the best policy.

She chained her heart.

Double locked and caged it.

There was blood dripping (still is).

Dreadfully painful but she says:

A.L.L. is damn smart after ALL.