Dammit. Webbit screwed up these two days. Connection signal is blinking 30 second red and two second green alternatively.

Grrr!!! It is like calling your chained up pet monkey’s name and keep asking “Come come, you want apple or banana? apple or banana?” and swinging the said fruits baits in his face but not giving him any.

Damn annoying can.

You know how torturing it is to publish this entry. I have to (present tense cuz i’m still doing it, for half an hour already bloody hiao) keep looking at the connection signal and click “publish post” immediately once i see that two second green light, (It feels like playing “whack the chipmunk” arcade game except that i’m whacking the “publish” button. And i fail miserably -__-) and the next thing i know is that it turns red again. Then the “Could not connect to Blogger.com. Saving and publishing may fail. Test connection now. Contacting Blogger.com… warning shows up.

Fucckaccino. I feel so disconnected. 🙁

Anycheese. I’m now also highly convinced that chronically spastic MSN nudgers are, well… sigh. I don’t even want to elaborate on that.

See it for yourself la.

Sorry. Blame my PMS. I need some choccie. Or banana. Or choco fudge banana cheesecake. 🙁

I don’t even know if it is published now. 🙁
Bear with my typo if there’s any. No time to proof read. 🙁