my blog.


After showing her the previous post dedicated to her (and of course your wishes too :D), she demanded me to teach her how to log on to cheeserland.

And now my blog becomes her daily CNN (Cheesie News Network).

Hooray. No more phallic candy!


Well, to divert her attention give her more alternative reading pleasure, i showed her some other interesting blogs too.

And now, she’s addicted to


Keju. I’ve helped promote your blog to reach a whole new level of audience. So the fondue dinner’d better be worth it man.


I know this is totally irrelevant but

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you’re reading this, mom, just so you know, you should be proud of your daughter cuz she actually can look good on the left side too.


Luv ya!

Oh yea. Almost forgot.

Pun of the day:
If you can’t celebrate Mom’s day with your beloved mom for whatever excuse, give her a ring!
(whichever you prefer. Of course, i’ll choose the electrical version. =P)