Cheesie is notoriously stingy when it comes to replying sms’es. Sometimes she just so conveniently forgets to reply you.

She has a friend who is trying to save every 10cents possible by cramming her long and winding life story into a 160-character-long sms. That’s not stingy. It’s called kiasu.

(Her reply to my “Hey how did you spend your birthday” sms)

This fried of mine also does that 3-second-call stunt (calling you and saying something as fast and as much as possible within three seconds, because the charges only start on the 4th second. Therefore, the call is actually FOC.)

Anyway. Back to my topic.

I’m going to be the most generous and annoying smser today until 11.59pm!!!

Please tell me I’m the only one who received this, because Maxis finally realized they should compensate a girl whom they have deeply traumatized when they made her pose in the rain , by giving her a little belated consolation!

1000 freaking sms’es to finish in one day!

I started to get so kiasu. Die die must finish using it wei. Since everyone says i’m stingy/forgetful, might as well use this opportunity to prove it a point that i am incheese, stingy and forgetful–only when i want to!

Then i started sending sms’es in bulk to every single contact in my phonebook.

(What? Sorry? Oh you didn’t get eh? Switch to 012 or 017 next time would be my advice =P )

There you go.

Cheesie: Happy labour day! Work hard and play harder!
Friend1: Hey thanks. Same to you.
Cheesie: Welcome!
Friend1: So what makes you reply so fast and efficient today?
Cheesie: I have like 934 more sms’es to spend!
Cheesie: Muahaha

Cheesie: Happy labour day! Work hard and play harder!
Friend2: Thanx. Hey I’m in mid valley now. Wanna come?
Cheesie: But I’m having a dvd marathon at home
Friend2: Can I join you?
Cheesie: Provided you don’t mind my mom molesting you la.
Friend2: No worries. I can make her fall in love with me too. =)
Cheesie: Great! I need a new dad!

Cheesie: Happy labour day! Work hard and play harder!
Friend3: Thank you. Happy labour day to you too.
Cheesie: Happy labour day! Work hard and play harder!
Friend3: You sent me the same msg twice cutie.
Cheesie: Oh is it?
Cheesie: Happy labour day! Work hard and play harder! Muahahaha!!!

Cheesie: Happy labour day! Work hard and play harder!
Friend4: Thanx. What are you doing.
Cheesie: Busy sending sms’es
Friend4: to who?
Cheesie: everyone! =D
Friend4: lol what makes you so generous today
Cheesie: because hotlink loves me and decided to give me 1000 sms for RM1
Friend4: bitch. I’m using postpaid ok. Get your ass back to MSN we chat there
Cheesie: Muahahha!

At this point, i have about 900 sms’es left. Then i decided to kacau this poor fella, who so unfortunately always is the first person i kacau when i’m nuts. I mean, cheeses.

Cheesie: Happy labour day! Work hard and play harder!
Friend5: Memang pun. What are you up to? Preying on those who might be working today? You’re EVIL.
Cheesie: Muahaha. So are you working?
Friend5: You wished! Im in the comforts of my sofa like a pig wallowing in mud.
Cheesie: Smelly slut.
Friend5: I for one, have perfected the art of sluttease! In what manner of horrors are u doing at this hour of the day?
Cheesie: Busy kacau’ing you!
Friend5: Bah u Ringo always spells bad news for me!!! My CD just sent an sms got meeting later! Dang!
Cheesie: Hehehe
Cheesie: Muhahaha
Friend5: What’s with the MASSIVE spamming?!
Cheesie: Hohohoh
Cheesie: Huahuahuahua
Cheesie: Wukakakaka

The result thus far, at 2.39PM.

I need to give my kiasuness a level-up =(

Tell me how to finish using it!

Fast, gimme some ideas before 11.59PM! Terima Cheesie!

P/S: Eh i suddenly have this mischeesevous idea of sending empty sms’es to everyone. Or, commit some MSN sins that can apply to SMSes, eg Sin no.6–typing one word per sms. Hmm… How bout one letter per sms?