Pun of the day:
Peacock: Oh shattap. I know you want my twelve incheese in cheese.
Cheesie: *snubs* Talk to the hen.
Peacock: But you’re a bunny!
Cheesie: *rolls eyes* Duh. Hence no mating.
Peacock: *winks* We can make easter eggs.
After yesterday’s entry, some people said i siao cuz i turned down such a yummy offer.


But to spend so much time moderating a sex forum for a chance to get a 25% discount for, erm… condoms, is siaoer no?

To justify my action, i decided to visit ineedhouse to see if i really am missing out so much.

And there i was.

My first time visiting a sex shop!


Eager, i walked into the shop hoping for some great sexcovery.


Much to my dismay…

I found…


I walked further, hopefully to spot some kinky looking sex(y) toys.

Then again…

Walaoness, look at what other things i found.

LOL peeps do you play majong during your hola-hola session?

Apart from flavored condoms and lubricators and some lame suggestive costumes, (my bunny suit is waaaaaay better ok!) the only dubiously sexual looking item in the shop turned out to be a body protector–a personal alarm cum pepper spray. No pun intended.

I mean, how much more irrelevant to hot steamy *ahem* the stuff they sell can be?

Maybe i’m utterly unimaginative and lack sense of creativity, but you tell me, how can some key chains and crystal decos and money god charm bracelets spice cheese up your sex life?

Ok la. Prolly when you are screaming god’s name in vain, you wish at least the (money) god is beside you to witness it.

Oh oh by the way, there’s this one more thing called the Jelly Cum Cup Stimulator thingie. Whatever TF it means. After reading the caption, i sort of got an idea how it works. It says “vibrating oral action”.

All the MSN wink-wankers should buy this la! Dang. I’m sure it will sell like hot cheese soon.

That’s about the only *toy* i saw ler.


That’s for guys! What about us GIRLS? Huh huh huh? Not fair! Why do only guys get the pleasure. -__-lll


When i walked out from the shop, i looked up and realized something…

No wonder lo.

Sigh. What a major disappointment.


I’ve got a surprise from, who else but the sexay Penguin!

Ta Daa!

All the way from Melbie!

After all, I don’t need to be a sex forum moderator la. =P