Most of you don’t get my obsession with cheese. To tell you the truth, I didn’t get it either?

But today, lemmi share a little secret with you.

One day, I asked mom whether she ate a lot of black soy sauce or chocolate ice cream or Godiva extra dark when she was pregnant with me, because I was slightly dissatisfied with the color of the product of her pregnancy.

Mom: No. In fact I drank a lot of milk leh. I’m surprised you turned out tanned. But you were very fair when you were much younger.

Cheesie: (stares at mom in utter disbelief) You drank milk? like, M-I-L-K milk?

Mom: Yea. Like fresh-from-the-udder ones. I wanted to make sure you had enough vitamins.

Cheesie: 0_o

Mom: Oh yea. When you were in my stomach, I had this weird craving for eggs and cheese every day, especially in the morning. Very strange huh. I didn’t even like cheese in the first place!


Well. Now you kinda get the idea no? It’s in my vein! By the way, I was born in the rat year. =)

The reason why and how I got so obsessed with cheese doesn’t really matter a lot to me. The fact that my mom, who would rather eat bitter gourd raw than drinking milk actually consumed one big glass everyday when she was pregnant to make sure the baby turn out healthy and, uh, fair (although much to her and my disappointment) , struck me hard.

I will never understand the things a mom can and is willing to do for her children, perhaps until I actually become one myself.

I’m very very VERY VERY lucky to have one like you, mom. You are my family. It shocks me to even try to imagine what you have gone through for freaking two decades as the sole bread (and cheese) winner.

I can never understand how you managed to cope with these baby shit (pun intended) all by yourself. I myself am very headache about my several confusing altercheesegoes already. And you managed to multitask as my mom, my father, my nurse, my cook, my siblings, my counselor for good 22 years. And of course my lecturer (literally) and my bank too.

Sometimes my fashion advisor?

How many of you would actually wear matching tops with your mom?

How many of you actually share wadrobe with your mom?

I cannot ask for more. You have given me more than I deserve. Like I said before, I am your only and everything. But you can’t be my only and everything. That is so unfair. And that makes me feel like rotten shit, because I never feel what I have done for you is ever enough.

You are the most selfless and selfish person on the planet i know. You are so selfless you give everything to me, unconditionally. You are so selfish you give everything ONLY to me, unconditionally.

I couldn’t materialize several hopes that I have given you earlier, I’m very sorry. But the least I can do, I will eat more veggies, I will definitely try to sleep earlier. Promise.

All these while, I tried hard to become a person you will be proud of. It is not all about getting a full scholarship with 9A1s in an SPM cert, or appearing in another magazine ad, or looking extra photogenic on the right face, or winning some contest and be adorned with some fancy titles.


It all only matters, when one day somebody mentions my name, I see a contented smile on your face, and hear you utter softly, “that’s my daughter. And she is a wonderful daughter.”

Happy Birthday Mom. Love you cheesy lots.