Pun of the day:
I’m such a glutton for funishment.

Lepak marathon continues…

Warning: More boring camwhore pictures galore. Don’t scroll down.

Lunch at Eden Garden

e1 by you.
Marinated lamb as a starter

e2 by you.
OMFC Escargot! .
*runs away*

Let me tell you a tragic story.

Two years ago, i had a supposedly wonderful dinner in San Francisco Steak House, Mid Valley.

I had cheese-baked scallops, cheese-baked oysters, escargot in garlic butter sauce, sauteed asparagus and an orange liquor pancake dessert.

Little did i know that i’d be traumatized for life on that very night.

I went back home and barfed like Niagara Falls. My whole bathroom smelled like my vomit for a whole night even after cleaning it umpteen times.

As a result, i delevoped escargot-phobia, garlic-phobia, oyster-phobia and asparagus-phobia all in one night. Whenever i see those food, i can literally taste my puke.

Talk about grossness. The strange thing is, i still love my cheese all the same. So i reckon we’re really meant to be.

You know it’s true love when you still love your significant other the same even though he/she/shim/it smells like a pool of barf. =)

Sorry if i ruined your appetite. Let’s proceed to the mouth-watering pictures.

e3 by you.
Australian tenderloin

e4 by you.
Cheese-baked BOSTON lobster

e5 by you.
Bread and butter pudding.

OMFC it was so sticky! It tasted more like some malay kuih than a proper pudding. It was gross.

e6 by you.
Apple crumble pie

This was stickier. Man, their desserts really suck to the max. I’d rather eat my pillowcase.

By the way, I decided to re-arrange the deco a little.
e7 by you.

Don’t you think it looks much better now? It’s an APPLE crumble pie anyway πŸ˜€

Dinner at… Crap, i forgot the name. Anyway, it’s a Dae-something Korean restaurant in Hartamas
(But then again all Korean restaurants start with Dae. Oops. =P)

Bestesttest kimchi fried rice in the world, topped with crispy Korean seaweed and a sunny-side-up fried to perfection.

I love love love love Korean tea. It has a slightly roasted aroma, which somewhat resembles malt tea. But Mozzie said it tastes like coffee.

Korean tea is the best beverage. It’s such a perfect ending to the meal. It just blends so well with the BBQ and leaves you feeling more refreshed than ever. Unlike Italian or other western food which is accompanied by coke/fizzy drinks/coffee/black tea. They just don’t go together. Wine might be good but it never gives you such a thirst-quenching and throat-cleansing effect.

Anyway, that’s not the end. We have…


That’s like the sweetest watermelon we’ve ever tasted can!!!

Throughout the meal, mozzie was like

Mozzie: OMC this is so orgasmic!
Cheesie: What is?
Mozzie: The rice!
Cheesie: ……….

That was only plain rice. Nasi kosong. Bak fan. Bai fan.

Cheesie::If that’s orgasmic, what is rock melon?
Mozzie: It’s multiple orgasm. =P


(five minutes later…)

Mozzie: OMC this watermelon is soooo…. wait, can i misuse the word orgasmic?

Dessert at KTZ OUG.

A satiated and satisfied day.

That’s all folks. I’m gonna raid my fridge now.

My little cousin might find his Kodomo Lion missing tomorrow because I’m such a glutton. 0_o