Pun of the day:
If Getting High lands you in a cool place, then i’d sure wanna reach for the top!


Mom didn’t have to work on Tuesday, so we had a little family vacation at Genting Highlands.

We didn’t plan to go shopping or try any of the theme park rides. Maybe hit the casino for a while, to celebrate my adulthood.

All in all, we were just chilling. Quite literally.

Genting is cool! Pun intended.

When i was staying in Setapak a few years ago, my ex-housemates and I used to travel to Genting in the middle of the night. We sat in Starbucks for hours over some Fraps. Then went back down. They said very shiok wor.

But for me it’s a little cham, because i’m caffeine intolerant!!! (yea i know!! So tragic!) I will be sleepless lor, if i take coffee. And the worst thing is, nothing else was open in the middle of the night but Starbucks. Obviously most of their beverages are caffeine-laden.

Therefore, i have never been a Starbucksful person.

So, guess what i did.

I got myself a drink after all.

Guess what it is?

Full cream milk!!

That’s like the best drink ever in Starbucks. FREE too!


(Hoi, Starbucks baristas who are reading this right now, next time you see me stealing your milk, please pretend you don’t know hor.)

Anyway. Mom got herself some food.

I never expected Starbucks’ Tiramisu to be so good! It was one of the best i’ve eaten recently.



The one thing i hate about Genting is the food. It sucks. Let alone expensive.

Not that i like Sushi King, but there’s really no other choice. Unless i go to Mc D again. But then again, it is the safest to eat fast food there. At least the quality of fast food retains a certain standard everywhere. My ex-housemate once had this RM12 so-called chicken rice. A few pieces of muscle-atrophied (ιΈ‘θ‚‰θŽηΌ©), malnourished chicken meat, and white rice! What is chicken rice without the aromatic garlic rice? Siao. As a result, my ex-housemate almost wanted to chomp on their plates as an act of vengeance..

Anyway, we ordered

Sushi King Gozen.


Assorted sushi, tempura, deep fried mackerel, soba noodles and Yakult. Pheww, it didn’t look that different from the menu. πŸ˜€


Grilled squid.


Actually, i really bury (opposite of dig) conveyor-belt sushi shops.


I know it’s fancy and conveynient and all…



But it’s only good when you are extremely hungry and you can’t wait no more.

Because chances are, you are not getting fresh sushi. (I’m not saying that all of them are not fresh, but they might not be fresh ALL THE TIME.)

The sushi was cold. I know sushi is supposed to be cold but there’s a difference between “fresh & cold” and “cold with the passing of time”.

Like this one hor, the ebiko was no longer doink doink bouncy, and the seaweed was totally LIMP and SOGGY!

I hate sushi with limp seaweed. Totally potong steam.

The best sushi/maki only wear crispy seaweed kimonos..

Another thing i totally bury in japanese cuisine is the crabstick.

According to Answer.com, crabstick also means “A crabby, ill-tempered person”.

You know why?

If you haven’t known already, crabstick, except its name and its appearance, which looks remotely like a bloody crap crab, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with crabs.

It tastes so bland and fake. So fake like it has been subjected to copious plastic surgery operations.

Wait, in fact it has.

You see, according to Wiki, crabstick is a food product made from white-fleshed fish (such as pollock or hake) or lean meat that has been pulverized to a paste that has been shaped and cured to vagely resemble snow crab legs. The individual pieces are usually coloured red or yellowish red, and rectangular-oblong in shape, and small strings of the crab sticks can be neatly pulled and torn out in a similar manner to string cheese.


Ok fine. At least it has something to do with cheese.

But so cham right, imagine you are the Pollock fish, after being murdered, chopped into chunks, minced into pieces, blended into puree and pulverized into a paste, your name becomes CRAB! Talk about humiliation!!!

It is no wonder crabsticks are crabby and ill-tempered.

Poor crabs… i mean fish.

Suen le ba. Man, i really should be less critical.

But dammit. We had it on our pizza too.

Cheesy bites–Pizza Hut.

I think I’ll close one eye this time, looking at the amount of cheese.

Man, it was ecstatic. The combination of cheddar and mozzarella was just like a perfect marriage of egg white and egg yolk, so cheesy can die.

Which reminds me of my fav Mc Egg.

So simple and adorable.

I’ll be Genting High again on the 5th of August for Jim Brickman’s concert in Arena of Stars. I know you dunno who he is, i actually dunno also, but his piano compositions like ‘You’, ‘Valentine’ and ‘Angel Eyes’ are damn chun! Who will be going? πŸ˜€