Pun of the day:
After taking several shots in the dark, we finally found the light at the end of the (Cu Chi) tunnel.

Hotel Staff: Good morning!
Cheesie: Morning. πŸ™‚
Hotel Staff: Where you from?
Cheesie: Malaysia!
Hotel Staff: Oh really? Your face, same Vietnamese!
Cheesie: -_-

It wasn’t the first time lor. I was chosen for the Rejoice TVC because they said i look Vietnamese.

Huong thom thu teng khor.
Khong can louk cai!

That’s what i had to say


Dash Underscore Dash, sweat sweat sweat!

Never mind. It’s a compliment girl, it’s a compliment.

Vietnam Day 2

i simply love Vietnamese breakfasts!

What a wonderful spread they prepared for us! It really made mee eggcited to try them all!

Furthermore, they served FRESH juices! Not some cheapskate cordial ok!

First Stop: Thien Hau Temple

We made a templerary stop here for a spiritual respite.

Ivene was too distracted to camwhore liao. She was eagerly anticipating her prayers to come true.

Second Stop: Cu Chi

Tanks for the memories. πŸ˜€

“Hey, get off! It’s my turn to rest!”

Of all the traps…

This has to be the most cruel.

Klipping armpit trap!!!


Rice paper making

And this is what you need for yummy Vietnamese spring rolls! πŸ˜€


People used to live in the Cu Chi tunnels during the infamous Vietnam war. They ate, slept, and fended for their lives within such claustrophobic confines of dirt and darkness. So cham right!


One of my fav pictures. i don’t know how it got the effect! πŸ˜€

And we went down the tunnel ourselves. >_<

Our reward for making it out alive… Some soldier food!


Eh but surprisingly it was very yummy! πŸ˜€

It’s much better than…

Snake wine! Apparently they say it’s better than Viagra. -_-

Lunch time…

Damn, i wonder if i’ll become stupid after eating this…

I think the Vietnamese have a certain vendetta against porridge.

Bloody Porridge! &@^@$^

Next Stop: Lacquerware Factory

All of the designs are made from eggshells!

Their devotion to the craft is really eggshellent.

I wonder what music he’s listening to while working… “Lacquer Virgin” by Madonna?

The amount of effort put into a single lacquerware product is really, really amazing.

Voila… the finished products!

This was Ivene’s fav

And this was the one i loved the mouse…

I’m not artsy-cheesy. πŸ™

Wanna guess how much this cupboard costs?


Fuiyoh. The Vietnamese must be damn good at maths. I wonder if they would be able to convert the price to Dong if it were USD21,872,000 instead.

Dinner time…

After all full day of fun, we got back to our Honeymoon hotel.

Before we hit the sack, we went for a Viet massage.

Here’s a very, very juicy photo. Please do prepare some tissues before you proceed.








So, which is your favorite pic? πŸ™‚