Pun of the day:
When will i si-chuan again? What’cheng-du with no more china posts?

I can’t believe it took me two months to finish my 8-days Sichuan travel log.

It feels kinda sad to write the last post about Sichuan Cheesecapade because i don’t know when is the next time i’m gonna go travelling again. 🙁

Speaking of which, Chengdu is a prosperous city in China. People there have good fashion sense.

The girls there are so chun you just wanna turn lesbian and marry them.

The people there are tech-savvy. They hold the most up-to-date communication tools.

The guys there are so cute too you wanna pinch their cheeks.


And be their slave.

Shopping there was fanastic. You could get a foot massage when you’re tired.

There’s this shop in Chun Xi Road that offers hair extensions, eyelash extensions, nail arts and all other vanity stuff.

This girl was doing her hair extension.

After the extension was done, she thought that it was too long and wanted the stylist to trim it.

“Shorter please.”

The stylist cut a few inches.

“I think it’s still very long… i want it shorter…”

The stylist cut a few inches again.

“Hmm… It still looks too long…”

I was like, wtf dash underscore dash sweat sweat sweat. If you don’t want long hair then do hair extension for what?!

Nail art for only RMB10 (RM5) for ten fingers!!!666

Waaay too cheap ok. Nail salons in KL charge RM3 PER nail, extra charges for crystals. Siao.

And eyelash extension is only from RM10 onwards!!! CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY cheap.

I chose the RM25 ones. =]

Watch how eyelash extension is done!

Tadaa! My new lashes and nails! 🙂

But of course by the time i’m writing about this, it’s long gone. cheez.
Few months ago, I went to a one-star country.

I wasn’t satisfied with it. I wanted a five-star treatment.

Now I wish i could go to…