I can’t celebrate Christmas anywhere else but in KL this year. However, my friends around me have been travelling. So instead of blogging about my work-eat-sleep-work-no-eat-no-sleep marathon, i’ll blog on their behalf i’ve stolen their pictures and am pretending that it’s as if i’m blogging about my Christmas wonders outside KL =].


Christmas in Taipei

This time last year, i was in Taipei having such a great and fun time shopping…

However, TT said there’s not much Xmas deco in Taipei this year. But dammit i still miss Taipei and especially their Seafood Mos Burger (M’sia hurry up and re-open Mos lah!). 🙁

Here’s where i bought all my costumes.


Christmas in Tokyo Disneyland

This was Sze Kerng’s fantastic journey to the wonderous city—Tokyo!!!666

He said that everyone there in Tokyo Disney, were wearing some kind of animal ears. From mouse ears to bunny ears to pigs ears!

This is where Sze Kerng bought my Minnie Bunnie.

Christmas in Hong Kong Disneyland

Another friend just arrived back from Hong Kong too and yes they were in Disneyland as well…

Take your pick, who’s your favorite princess?

Cheeserella Cinderella

Sleeping Beauty

A fat Alice

Belle the Beauty and the cheese beast

Snow cheese White


She’s my fav. =]

When i was very very young, I wanted to name myself Ariel. This was not because of the mermaid but because I was born in April, and i’m an Aries, hence when combined they became Ariel. However, when people started to ask why do i want to be named after an Israeli Prime Minister, I got sick of the name.

Bah. Now i get people asking why am i named after the Starr. -_-|||

Anyway! It’s ok you guys didn’t spend Christmas in any disneylands.

Cuz you’ve seen it all in Cheeserland. 😉