As much as i love cheese.

I ordered oh jien (fried oyster egg) yesterday. This is how it looked like.

Oh jien.

It didn’t look yummy. You know what is worse?

It tasted exactly like how it looked.

I also don’t know why i ordered it. I don’t really like baby oysters because i think they are so fishy! HH said eating baby oysters is like eating mini bladders, the urine bursts in your mouth with each bite.

But i love the eggs!

So… I ate the eggs.


I think the Oh Jien seller would be very very sad. And all Oh lovers will be cursing me now.


I also ordered lobak kou (fried carrot cake).

Lobak Kou

I always order lobak kou with extra eggs!

Still Lobak kou.

The rest of the ingredients were nice, but the carrot cake itself was so dry and utterly tasteless. I also dunno what’s the point of ordering lobak kou and not eating it.

HH said, next time might as well order oyster flavored fried eggs and carrot cake flavored fried eggs.

Or better still, order JUST fried eggs.


Sometimes i wonder why the supporting cast always outshine the main characters.


This is Cuttlefish BeeHoon.

I love it! It’s a Seremban specialty. Hardly ever see it in KL.

Just like how we love the beef in beef noodle and wantons in Wanton Mee, you expect the cuttlefish to be extra tasty.

But this is what I ordered.

Mom hates cuttlefish! She said it’s the stupidest seafood to be eaten, because, apart from its chewiness, it has no nutrient values, and tastes horribly bland. It’s like eating a thick slice of rubber.

So yea. I wonder if there’re people who order Nasi Lemak tak mau nasi, orange juice dowan orange, and Siew Bao without bao.

Got ah?