(If i ever get married la.)

Of course, i will invite all of you, cheesable or uncheesable, to my wedding cheesemony.


The venue won’t be your typical boring church or some lousy chinese restaurant with lotsa “yam-seng yam-seng” going on one. Siao. Give some class please.

Instead it would be:

Or something of the like. A cheese resort is good.


Where you can help yourself to some first-class fondue buffet


Of course there will be this very cheesilicious wedding cake made of the creamiest and most expensive cheeses

while listening to specially compiled wedding theme songs by the world’s cheesiest artists.

Hopefully, i have enough cheese dough to afford one of those very beautiful cheese cars that i can park very specially!

Liddat only got FACE ma!
And i’ll park right in front of the hotel/resort’s main entrance. HORIZONTALLY. So that all my guests will have to worship the ground it parks on.


Then the cheesemony begins…

Pastor to Groom: What pledge do you give of the sincericheese of your vows?
Groom: A ring.

Pastor to Bride: Do you accept this ring as a pledge of the sincericheese of the groom’s vows?
Bride: I cheese. null

(OMC my hubby’s gonna love me till the end of cheesedom, i’m such a good wife who saves him so much money from buying diamonds that we can’t eat.)



My hubby and i will make our vows. If i can invite Wallace & Gromit to be our witnesses it will be very shiok la. But if they’re too busy with their anti-pesto project also never mind. At least we are wed in the sight of the almighty Cheesus Crust.

And we’ll live cheesily ever after. (Hopefully lo.)


Oh ya. Remember there’s a dress code for this special occasion.

For guys

For girls

You all are gonna wear like this hor.