Pun of the day:
When Finding Nemo reached our shore, everyone flocked to the theatre to catch the tale of the clown fish and got hooked.


Somewhat related to my previous post, i find that watching animaltions can be quite disturbing.

Whenever i see “dory-fillet” on the menu, i’ll be reminded of its namesake–the adoryble amnesic blue tropical fishie in Finding Nemo. Then i don’t have the heart to eat it already.


Fast food chains normally like to associate themselves with these cute little creatures. But i’m kinda worried for them. They need to be very careful and particular in choosing their spokespersons spokescharacters.

I remember one time hor, McDonald’s had this Happy Meal promo about the Blue Cola, Fillet-O-Fish and Finding Nemo collectibles. Oh, the theme was like so genius because of the matching blue coke with blue ocean and whatnot whatfish. But don’t you find it DISTURBING?!?




OMFC you just saw some damn cute and funny fish (literally, Marlin and Nemo are clownfish) on the cinema screen, then it’s sandwiched between mayo, ketchup and two buns!

Maybe they can print this as their paper napkin. 😀

Ok ok, i know they say colorful fishes are not for eating… but still! >_<   Anyfish!   They don't want a spokeschicken for this too. Kentucky Fried Chicken Little


I wonder why audiences are skewed towards sympathising with the cuter animal(s) in an animation.


Let’s just take the penguins from Happy Feet for instance.

They discover that all of their fish are being taken by an unknown ‘alien’ source. You pity them because they all are gonna die of famine. You wish you can throw a tank of tasty fish at them and watch them gulp down happily while tapping their feet.

Penguins are happy, you’re happy too!




What if, the fishes look like this?!?

Will you still feed them to the starving penguins? Do you have the heart to see the penguin go ?

Maybe you’ll change your mind. But when you see this…

You might change your mind again!


In the end, it’s the level of cuteness that matters. Kind but ugly animals didn’t realize that their menacing appearances were the cause of their sad plight.

Say, this creature eats tadpoles for appetizer and bites walruses’ heads off for.. uhm, fun. But it’s ok because it’s cuter than the other two marine creatures.

So, something is not right.

Now, hypothetically, Mumble and his friends will die of hunger if they don’t eat Marlin and Dory up, the only fishes left in the entire ocean.

Who would you save?