Taiwanese girls are freaking pretty.

Quoting TT: “One big signboard fall down can crush 20 leng luis.” Seriously. 70% of them are of model quality. 30% of them are as pretty as Jolin Tsai. Why liddat??!

Moaki, TT and I were so busy looking around on the streets. It’s like, the amount of chun chicks are already worth our air tickets. Kiki kept looking at the aunties, and kept telling me that they are damn fair and have damn smooth skin. TT teased her that people tend to observe others of the same age. Wahaha.

But really, I can’t help but admire Taiwanese girl’s fashion sense. They put on the right amount of make-up, wear the “big eye” lenses, have their lashes extended and their hair styled to a flawless perfection. Every one of them! I wonder how long it takes them to apply and remove make up every day. For me to dress like one of them, i need to waste at least 3 hours a day. Where got so free!

Kiki and I were shamefully jealous. Why can’t we have their impeccable smooth skin and dress like we just walked out of a Japanese comic? They wear funky tops with a furry coat and mini skirt. And SUPER SEXY knee length boots! Try wearing that in KL and you just turn yourself into a hooker instantly. OMC why does it make such a big difference?

I have been wondering for so long. What did they do to make themselves so pretty? Make-up? Sense of good fashion? Plastic surgery? Or are they really natural beauties? Are they inheriting better genes in Taiwan? I can’t seem to debunk the myth.

A Taiwanese girlfriend (big time clubber) came to KL. I asked if she enjoyed clubbing here more than in Taipei. She said, “It’s fun, but i’m surprised the girls here are soooooooo casual. They wear like they’re going downstairs to tapao roti canai.”


Why can’t girls wear like that in KL? (Okay, blame Malaysian weather!) If only 20% of Malaysian girls knew how to dress as tasteful (TASTEFUL, okay) and fashionable as Taiwanese girls, Malaysia would be 20% more beautiful. I’m serious! Part of the reason why Taipei is so beautiful is because their girls are so pleasant to the eyes. Seriously, looking at random pretty girls is the best itinerary in Taiwan.


I actually think it’s not our girl’s fault. Not that we DON’T KNOW how to make ourselves pretty. But we CAN’T. Just putting on a few extra vanity kit and we get comments like “OMG she’s from another planet” or “OMG she’s soooooooo OTT” or “OMG her make up is like a monkey’s backside” or “Urgh. Slut”.

Just trying to make oneself feel good by dressing up and they say “OMG wear so nice for what, we’re just going out for dinner!” So when exactly do we wear nicely, hello? To your grandpa’s friend’s funeral? Apart from your wedding day, your prom night and press conference for your new album, i can’t think of any occasion to doll ourselves up. Then the nice dresses how? SELL IN WARDROBE LA. Why do we need a reason and occasion for being pretty?! Taiwanese girls dress up like a super start AT WORK EVERYDAY!

Tell us how?!? Some crazy people can’t accept the fact that girls are born VAIN. It’s a norm to be humble here. The more low profile the better, lest being called a hooker. And because of this, i’m trained to be so lazy. Just slip on my loose T shirt and a hundred-year-old jeans and i’m out shopping. DISASTER! Or maybe the guys in KL are damn selfish. They want their girlfriends to look ugly and unattractive to other male species.

Some people say, comfort is the key. How about “comfortable and pretty”? Let me repeat, GIRLS ARE VAIN. We need to be pretty to be confident to be happy. They say again. “You can be pretty can confident by being natural (read: no make-up) and wear comfortable”. Try saying that to Jolin Tsai and see if she feels comfortable.


I was about to grab that pair of sexy purple boots. But gave up when i thought of this. 🙁


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