OMC been prisoning myself at home day and night chasing after Michael Scofield and the rest of his gang who broke their prison! And now i need a break! Just a short one.

He is so, cute. =)

Can you believe he’s 35 year old???? He looks 22!



Anycheese. A picture i took an hour ago.

Beautiful anot?

Maybe you don’t stay in KL (and Malaysia for this matter) and don’t get this kind of sunset in a city. But behind the picture, is weather hotter than Holly Valance (yea, saw her sexy booty in Prison Break). I’m scared! I keep worrying when the ozone layer will disappear.

The guy who fixed my air-con today said he’s hasn’t been able to take a break since last week. He has been busy FIXING AIR-CONS! In fact, there’s nothing much wrong with their air-cons, except that the weather is so boiling hot everybody thought something went wrong with their air-cons.




Don’t feel like going out AT ALL! All i want to do now is to fix a second air-con in my room, put up dark curtains and turn on some zen music. Somebody donate ice? I need some cool flooring.

Time to get back to my Prison. Brie!