It’s funny, talking about ‘room to let’, i remember people always like to conteng on the “TO LET” sign board outside a building, and insert an “i” between the two words.

I’m posting this up only because the room was taken. Was supposed to help Kiki advertise on Cheeserland but she didn’t want any stalkers.

A lot of people called after we pasted it up in the nearest 7-11. And as if the room is super prestigious, people who came to visit the room must also go through an interrogation interview. This is how Kiki normally started it.

Kiki: So what year were you born in?
Visitor: 1982.
Kiki: That makes you a dog right?
Visitor: Erm…. Yea. Why does it matter?
Kiki: Oh. Need to see if we’re compatible ma. You know, i don’t wanna end up arguing with my housemate everyday and having my furniture stolen.
Visitor: Err… okay. -_-
Kiki: So what star sign are you?
Visitor: Gemini.
Kiki: Hmmmm.
Visitor: So? Can or not?
Kiki: Ok la. Will call you once we decide.

Fuiyoh. Macam job interview sial.



By the way i’m upset Melinda Doolittle got eliminated from American Idol. 🙁 I just hope Blake won’t win it.