And i’m not getting one. Ever.

I don’t even fancy piercings. My body is clean. The only decorative orifices i have on my body are my ear piercings, which were done when i was 2 years old (i think i received gold earrings for my 2nd birthday and then my aunty brought me to the “gold shop” 金店, -_-), and which i don’t even remember anything about.

I just wonder, if, if la, i were really to tattoo something on my body, what and where would it be?

Seems like everyone out there is having tattoos of their blog’s nature! Joyce has a turquoise fairy, Wendy has a snowflake. Heck, later you see la, even Keju will have coconuts tattooed on his coconuts.


Me leh? WHAT ABOUT ME?!?


Did i hear you say cheese?

Liddis ah?


Cheesus crust, at least snowflake has an aesthetic manner and coconut might have some kind of symbolism. What if, what if my favorite cheese is Chesedale slice?

Then i mai have to do this?!?




WTF i might as well just stick a chinese talisman (you know, the yellow paper with red calligraphy kind) on my shoulder. Can exorcise summore.


Okay maybe i can tattoo the word “cheese”. Hmmm.

Oh, digress.

Yesterday was the ultimate nightmare.

I looked into the mirror, horror horror, i discovered that the cottage cheese skin virus started crawling up my thighs and butt cheeks!!!



Girls’ worst nightmare.

It hasn’t developed into the dimpled orange peel texture yet but i could see faint lightning strikes crawling across.

Something liddis.

SO SCARY! It’s just a matter of time before i realize my backside has become the surface of moon. I don’t believe in those “magic creams” that claim to make cellulite go away.

Yea right.

Unless you do surgery, the only way i could think of to get rid of cellulite is, tattoo over it.

Can’t see cellulite!.

Maybe like, in lightning patterns. Or the Michael Scofield way. (He has an escape plan. You have cellulite plan.)

If you tattoo addicts out there are running out of idea where on your body part should you lay the needles on, try your backside. It’s special and you can cover up your cellulite. 😀