Went for dinner at Souled Out today with HH.

It’s more crowded today than the already crowded restaurant usually is. I had a prawn aglio olio and HH had sang har mee. The sang har mee was delicious! Not only were their king prawns huge and juicy, there was a grand total of 3 prawns! (Other restaurant normally gave two nia). The good thing is, they served the noodle in one dainty plate, then the gravy separated in another bowl!


Picture taken from the internet. For illustration purpose only.


How thoughtful! I don’t know if it’s just me. when i eat yee mee or any other crispy noodles (instant noodle included) i love them hard and crispy. I hate those soggy noodles that have been simmered and soaked forever.

For cup noodle, i slurrrp on the delicious junk right after pouring hot water. Three minutes will seem like forever to me. Cannot wait! I don’t understand why people eat soggy yee mee, and like to soak them until they become big, fat, ugly earth worms. Then what’s the point of deep frying it making it golden crispy in the first place when you want to eat it SOGGY!?!


Never mind me. Just felt empty inside me to write an entry without pictures.


Siao one these people.

Anyway. So yea they separated the gravy and the crispy noodle, which i think is a brilliant idea. That way i don’t need to hurry myself to eat it (which result in burning my tongue numb due to the hot gravy, and indigestion because i ate too fast), fret the noodles become SOGGY.


Ignore it. I’m just getting addicted.



That’s not my point. My point is, i felt weird half way through our food. I kept asking HH why is it that this restaurant was so crowded today, to the point that there were so many reserved tables around (thank Cheesus we are used to having early dinners!).


HH thought for awhile and came to a sudden realization.


“Today is Father’s Day is it!!!!?”

I couldn’t tell if that was a statement or a question. But i was rather shocked. The first thing both of us did was quickly ran through our phone calender (because we couldn’t be sure) and then stared at each other.

Ok it is the holy Father’s Day today. And then we looked at the surrounding.




Not like i cared. But still.

Okay. That explained the reserved tables. And there was no wonder we felt inexplicably uncomfortable. Like we’re in a twilight zone of all happeningness.

A sudden geli-ness rushed all over my body.

“Let’s leave,” i told HH. I bet he felt uncomfortable too. Maybe we were being too perasan but yea, it was as if the people there were staring at us thinking “What? Have you guys got no father?”


Happy Father’s Day. To the good fathers.

Cynical i know, but, what the cheese, just shut up.