I don’t smoke, don’t drink and don’t club. I can hardly think of anything to do when i’m bored. Besides blogging of course. Then again, when you’re bored and uninspired, there’s nothing to blog actually.

I realized i can get bored very easily nowadays. Just 5 minutes of idleness and i start panicking. They say, “idle hands are the devil´s workshop”. I certainly don’t wish to work for hell. Ironically, i’m workshy but fear unproductiveness.

Blame the weather. It makes people agoraphobic. I’d do anything to avoid going outdoor and crowded places. Calling food delivery instead of eating out, DVDs instead of going to the cinema, also, e-payment, e-yamca, etc etc.

To avoid the sun (just in case i melt down on the road and get stuck on the tar causing tragic car accidents) I just choose to stay home. Then again when I stay in my room for too long i became claustrophobic.

I so wish the weather could be nice enough for me to take my two malteses and five papillons (alas, if only i had any) out for a walk. Now i could just stay home and play Sims 2 Pet.

And whatever i get addicted to is sedentary. Here are some.


*Finished 5 Seasons in two weeks. I became so confused when i wanted to say 24 Season 5, i said Twenty-Five.



Tomb Raider4

*I know you guys have PS3 oredi. I’m still playing PS1 and i think it’s darn good.




*Handphone game i play whenever i run out of ideas on what to do next or am idle for more than 2 minutes. Perfect time-killer. A no-brainer but damn fun. My highest score is 322,245.



Now i kinda think i’ve developed cathisophobia.