No no no.. not the one with fluffy teddies and cornily cute greeting cards.

I’m talking about a street where a huge pasar pagi (morning market) in Ipoh takes place, selling basically, erm… junks.

And i was worried no one would buy my hand-me-down clothes in Wardrobe. Here, you can sell anything. And i mean anything your little juicy brain can think of.

Okay, it might be more apt to call this the “Grand Theft Market” because as i was told, most of the things sold are stolen. I’m not sure you will be happy or angry if you happen to see your stolen pair of smelly Nike on sale for RM5!


Whoaaaa, pick slowly. I’m sure there’s something you need here!


Can bags be any cheaper?!?!?!


I’m sure the seller of the below item is either:
a) A control freak
b) Watched “Click” (movie by Adam Sandler and Kate Bekinsale) one too many times, and believes in magic.

Ah. Out of so many, sure got one that works for your flat screen.


Rusty blades! Who on earth would want to buy them?!?!


As if pirated CDs and VCDs are not bad enough, they sell second hand VCDs!!!!!!!666


Hate your neighbor’s pet? Or secretly wish to turn your neighbor’s forever crying babies into meat sauce?

Try these! Cheap enough.


Good ma. I love this place wei. You can always shop here for your annoying mother-in-law on mother’s day, ex girlfriend’s birthday, or the wedding of your seventh cousin thrice removed.

Whoa this one must be a new stall! Got people send bouquet one! 😀


After all, this is the Memory Lane, the people are nostalgic.

Holy P. Ramlee!!! (Pardon the rhyme)

I wonder if copies of my passport will sell?


Haha look look look, some people even sell their own (or their kid’s/dad’s/uncle’s friend’s mistress’ daughter’s) trophies!!

Girl: Honey, i feel incompetent today.
Boy: Yes my cupcake, what can i do for you to make you feel better?
Girl: I wish i was good in sports. I wish to be a super athlete.
Boy: Ok ok, i buy something for you.


There’re some stalls that sell more “normal” goods, just maybe in very creative ways.

Have you ever got your hands wet buying a watch?

Water resistant watches.

What a good way to emphasize the selling point!

I’m a little regretful that i made these pictures so big. I dunno why. I don’t like this entry because somehow i think it pollutes my precious little Cheeserland, making it dirty and ugly.

Anyway. They sell so many things, and a lot of them are electronic goods. I wonder if they come with warranty!

Some can test lo! No test no buy.

But some, it’s just about luck.

Antique radio

Frankie was interested in that stupid shit piece of reminiscent art.

Frankie: Eh ni jalan tak? (Does it work)
Seller: Tak tau jalan tak jalan ni. You mau kasi RM300. Harga tu harga tak jalan la. (I don’t know if it still functioning. I’ll sell it for RM300. That’s the “not-functioning” price.)

At least they are honest enough to assume that their goods are broken!


Boy: Sugar, i bought you a gorgeous radio! RM5 nia!
Girl: Waaa why so cheap?
Boy: Coz it’s broken lo.