Remember The Dog?

Neh, the so cute can die big-headed puppies?




Just looking at them-kinda puppies?


Good news?


The have a PS2 game!!


When i bought it, i thought it was some childish games for kids!

It’s called The Dog Island.

But no! i’m super duper mega ultra addicted to it.

It’s possibly the cutest game on earth! Basically it’s about the adventure of a whoa-wtf-so-cute-can-melt puppy of your choice (of all 48 breeds, wichever you want!).


And of course what else but did i choose a Maltese! And i named her Cheddie. ^_^


*I think, this must be some kind of fate. I have always, always, always wanted a Maltese and have always, always, always wanted to name my future pup “Cheddie“. Cheddie because my fav cheese is cheddar. “Maltese” in Japanese spelling looks/sounds like “Maru-chiizu“. Maru is “round” and “chiizu” in Japanese is CHEESE!!!!” Cheddie is a ROUND CHEESE! Wahahahoho*


My Cheddie is the cutest Cheddie in the world (if there’s any other Cheddie).


(Shih tzu is damn cute too)

These are your friendly neighbors in Wanko Island.

Haha. Wanko means dog in a kawaii way (think “pooch” or “wow wow“) in Japanese. Sounds funny! Like, he’s one cute wanko.

Imagine that!! If you call a sick person “sicko”, and a weird person “weirdo”, then wanko is…



The only bad thing (and yes, it is very very bad) in this game is…


Everyfreakingthing is in Japanese.


If you don’t understand Japanese at all, have fun guessing. But OMC, i think if you’re learning or want to learn Japanese (but at least have some basic knowledge like understanding katagana and hiragana), and love cute fluffy little creatures, this is the perfect game for you!

The vocab is quite simple. I manage to understand most of the important keywords so far. Just 3 days and i’ve completed almost 50% liao!

You have to play it! 😀 😀