Pun of the day:
Dior are crazy about the bag. 0.o

The most sought after item in Cheesie’s Wardrobe, ever.


Coco was trying to sell her original Dior Gaucho Saddle Bag on Wardrobe at RM700. The price was supposed to be negotiable, and interested buyers should email her directly for negotiation. However, there seemed to be an enormous amount of Dior fans who have waited ravenously to prey on the gorgeous bag. Some offered more than RM700, so she decided to auction it.

Man, the bidding was so intense at the last few minutes of closing!

It’s now gone as high as RM960 (Coco told me that some even offered more than one thousand) but the problem is, who should the item go to?

I set the closing time as 10.00PM. Of course the item will go to the one who bid the highest, naturally. However, to be fair, all bids after 10.00pm should not count. And there were more than 3 people who bid at the same time.




Does that mean that the item will go to the last person who bid on 9.59PM? Or the first person who bid on 10.00PM? (who happens to be the same person) OR the last person who bid on 10.00PM?

So confusing. 0.o

This is really a matter of technicality. And this is where millisecond actually matters.

After a looooong discussion, Coco and I have come to an agreement that the last person who bid on 9.59PM (Kanimaki) should win it. Sorry quipex, sorry styled_up and very very sorry Karen. 🙁

I’m very very sorry to those who loved to bring the gorgeous Dior baby home, but there can only be one winner. For those who didn’t get it, please please please don’t come and spray moldy cheese on my house or hire an assassin.

*Apolocheezes profusely*


More chun items are coming up soon, i promise.

P/S: Also on the way to posting my original short-legged photos. Stay cheesed.