I’m sure a lot of you know how to Liquify and stuff so I’m gonna make this really really simple.

First select a suitable picture of yourself you think has the potential to become an iDoll. Most important criteria is the expression. Blythe Dolls don’t smile wide, so select a nonchalant expression or with a light smile. A slight pout would be better! Such as this one.


Step 1:
Select the area around your face using Marquee tool.
Right click for Free Transform.


Step 2:
Toy with your face!

To make your face look Dolly–wider forehead, sharper chin, transform the square into a trapezium.
Point the cursor towards the squarie on the down left corner, hold on CTRL+Left Click and Drag slighly inwards to the right.
Repeat the step to the down right corner. You can also widen the top part.


Step 3:
Crucial tips to iDollizing—Bigger Eyes!!!

Select Bloat Tool, pump up your eyes. (Preferably a 2X bigger brush size to your eyes for a more natural looking huge eyes). Don’t over do it though, or you’ll look like a Gremlin.

Step 4:
Shrink nose. Xiaxue style. Well she no longer needs it now. πŸ˜€

Use Pucker Tool and Warp Tool to make your nose smaller.

Apply and Quit Liquify.


Step 5:
Stamp your face porcelain like.

Almost done!

After that you still need to do a lot of touch up (layering, erasing etc) to merge the pictures nicely. If you like, you can shrink your body too, cuz Blythe Dolls are big headed.

I assume you all can do it lo.. lazy to put up cuz that part quite tedious one!

*erase erase erase, merge merge merge*


Gao Dim!

You still can see a lot of gaps and whatnot cuz I didn’t have the time to PS flawlessly la. But you get the idea right? πŸ™‚

More examples (click for original):

Keju iDoll

Ying Bin iDoll

Parie iDoll

Cheddie iAlien. =P

Okay! I’m evil. I’m tagging whoever i tagged before to iDollize themselves. Muahahawohoho.