For a movie.


Ok la. The Singapore Nuffnang Rush Hour 3 Premiere.

Timothy is nice enough to let me kakacaocao tag along with the Nuffnang team and Ming is kind enough to offer me a place to stay. Thanks Boss!


Rush Hour! I’m not a big fan of Jackie Chan. I don’t even remember if i saw Rush Hour 1 and 2. 0.o and if i did those are some real forgettable movies 0.o.

Anyway! To everyone who loves Jackie and his stunts, very the no offense la i just think the movie is just another very mediocre action flick and it spills too much lemon juice (Read: Lame Jokes. I know i know. The movie is just as lemon juice as this joke, if this is even a joke)!

And did i mention that Chris Tucker is suuuuper the very very very very very (help me say a few more times, please? I’m out of breath) very annoying throughout the movie with his constant blabbering. He just talks waaay too much while the audience is trying to focus on the action bits. Imagine in the middle of a kancheong live-or-die fight he’ll suddenly pull some ridiculously lame jokes or just blabberblabberblabber nonstop that makes you go dash underscore dash sweat sweat sweat. Super duper kakacaocao irritating steam potonger.


Ahh enough. This is one kind of those movies whose fans you daren’t offend, that when people ask “So how’s was it? Nice or not” you euphemize kao kao and say things like, “Oh, got hot chicks lo.” and never give a straight answer.


Just like The Curse of the Golden Flower, (neh, the one with Jay Chou in it one) when i asked my friends if they think it’s nice, their answers were all the same. You know what they answered?


“Oooh. Got a lot of boobs to see lo!”.






Speaking of movies, you guys should go watch Ratatouille!!


I had the honor to watch it last week at the media screening in Mid Valley, courtesy of Nuffnang. SO HAPPY!


I always love animations. I think their content and humor factor are so much more intelligent than the so-called comedies. Just like Wallace & Gromit, so funnily punny (and vice versa πŸ™‚ ).


Ratatouille is one. Love it to bits. Why i love it? Because it has delectable visuals abundant! It has cheese, Cheval Blanc, FOIE GRAS (!!!666), french bread, Eiffel Tower, more cheeeese, caviar, cheese omelette, Paris (romantic!) and more cheeeeeeese.


I won’t elaborate on the story so you’ll have to watch it yourself! But what i can say is that the movie is such a delicious gastronomic delight that is made with utmost sincerity and just the right ingredients that blend perfectly with each others. It has good taste of humor (hmmm yummy!), though not as punny as Wallace and Gromit, it’s touching at some point, and it’s really food for thought!


Watch it if you’re an animation gourmet.

Totally deserves a 8.5 in IMDB. πŸ™‚



P/S: Singapore trip update soon!