Note: This is a backdated entry

I survived my flight to London! The longest flight I’ve ever had prior to this was my 5 hours 50 mins journey to Seoul.

Luckily I had a transit in Dubai. The airport is quite cool. Got to eat their buffet too (which looks like nothing but puke and diarrhea, but hey, actually not bad tasting :P). Six hours passed easily since I could also go online.

The thing that killed me was the flight from Dubai to London. I thought I could just sleep through the journey but heck, I kept waking up thinking that the plane was gonna land soon only to realize it’s still looooooong way to go. Woke up, 5 hours more to go. Slept again, woke up, 4 and a half hours to go. Slept again, woke up, 4 hours and fifteen minutes to go. Argh someone just kill me with a plastic fork please. Also they kept feeding us food like we’re geese.


But nevermind all that matters is now I AM HERE! 😀


Fashion in London is so amazing. Yesterday I just saw a girl with fluorescent pink hair complete with hot pink eyebrows. And I thought it was as funky as I’d see, however this was not until I went to Camden Town.


Crazy betul. The mostest outrageous and funky outfits, ever. I don’t have the best pictures unfortunately, Claudine and Porkie captured some of the best ones with their her atas cameras, and Chris with his semi-atas cam, so help me bug them to send to me soon!



Man I felt so seriously underdressed. :/


I did bring along a lot of nice autumn clothing la, but I couldn’t wear most of them because London was cold! Then i ended up with the weirdest combinations like a cream color Victorian dress with black pants, a deep turquoise scarf, mocha brown gloves and freaking pink socks!

Nooo…cannot succumb to the weather. Style always beats comfort to the great Cheesie. Muahaha.


Speaking of fashion, alongside the Digi Street Blast Event, they are having this fashion design competition. If you’ve ever wondered how your own designs would look or thought you could design something better than what is already in the stores, this could be your chance, as they are calling all fashionistas to send in the most outrageous and funky designs, with the best 8 finalists receiving RM1,000 for their design project!

Also, the winner gets RM2,000 and a spanking new Nokia 7900 Prism, as well as a chance to work with a local/international designer. There are another 7 other Nokia 7500 Prisms to be given away as consolation prizes. How cool is that?

Remember to email your entries before the 31st of October, 2007.

The finale is on the 24th of November at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, 12pm onwards. Celebrities who will be performing include Gerhana Ska Cinta, Joe Flizzow, Sierra and Letto from Indonesia. The event also features Malaysian Indie Bands such as Raw n G$, Mono lo-fi minimal, Tnoze/sash.

Check out Digi’s website for more info and who knows? It could be a career change for you.

Hey I’m thinking maybe I could send in my entries too. I used to draw alot when I was younger.

I loved to draw Shojou manga style figures. Hehe.

Then designed my own fashion. But don’t laugh la okay, it was like what, 10 years ago? It’s the 90’s fashion lo so a bit off. lol.


Autumn clothings.

Winter clothings.

Funky hairstyles.

And a little plagiarism. This is taken from Pace Wu, who used to be my super idol.


I used to attach all these little drawings along with the letters I sent to my primary bestie. How sweet. 🙂

I was so artsy lol. I can never do that now.

Maybe I could plagiarize myself and send these entries to Digi. Wuhaha.