Pun of the day:
I visited Paris Hilton muahahaha.

Today i received a Pacmee cheeseout from Keju wishing me happy touring in Paris and asking me to eat more foie gras.


No foie gras okay Keju. No. Freaking. Foie. Gras.

When my friends knew that i was going to Paris, everyone was like “omg Paris is soooooooooo expensive!” and i smugly replied, “It’s okay, i’m gonna survive on baguettes and water”.

Apparently i was right.

Baguettes and water are all and the only things i can barely afford wtf. I’ve been eating nothing but freaking french breads omg. That alone is like what, RM30 a piece? And a bottle of cheapskate mineral water can go as high as $5 euro at some atas place in Paris.


Day 1 Dinner

Cheese and ham sandwich. $4.50 euro. Sans drink.

Day 2 Breakfast

Cheese and ham sandwich (again). $4.50 euro. Sans drink.

Day 2 Lunch

Cheese and ham baguette (kill me). $4.95 euro. Sans drink.

Day 2 Dinner

I was so sick of hard breads. Maybe i’ll have some soft ones. So yea. Cheese burger in Quick. $8.50 euro for an XL set meal. And it didn’t look/smell/taste XL.

Day 3 Breakfast

Some poppy seed bread with bacon.

And i was nice enough to get myself a tarte aux pomme and a bottle of orange juice. About $10 euro.

Day 3 Lunch

Last meal in Paris, must eat better lo. So i got myself a smoked salmon salad set with cous cous and brie. And omg it comes with a drink and dessert (choco mousse) too! I was so overwhelmed i almost cried. $8 euro.

Haih. For that amount of money spent on baguettes I can buy a decent dinner completed with fat foie gras and yummy dessert in KL lo. Urgh. So unglam Parisian. Failed to be an atas traveler. -_-

I miss KL food. Actually, i miss proper, warm, cooked, food. I want zhap fan. πŸ™