This happened a few weeks ago.

I did the stupidest thing i could have ever imagined myself doing. In fact i wouldn’t even do that in my dreams! *ashamed*


I. went. star. chasing.


Of course, i’m not talking about following the footsteps of Tristan’s in Stardust chasing after a star, literally. By the way i didn’t quite like that show. Too fairy tale (yes, cynical, cynical me) and i think Claire Danes is too ugly to be a star (pun intended)!!! Not to mention the ending is so rotten cheesy (in a bad way hor) and tragically predictable, which give me even more reason not to like it despite the show garnering much adoration from all prince charming and cinderella wannabes on IMDB while boasting a whopping 8.1 rating.




*spoirels ahead*




I went all WTFish when Tristan kissed Yvaine.

Of course it sounds attractive to be able to kiss a star that literally glows. I wonder how it feels. I mean, how cool is that!

BUT! The thing that annoys the cheese residue outta me is, how the hell can he fall in love with someone else WITHIN ONE WEEK (okay, maybe time goes pass slower in Stormhold but still!) when he has expressed such admirable unconditional love to Victoria? Freaking player! So, all his mushy mushy confessions and act of proving his never ending love to Victoria against his rival is all some pseudo romance, some pretentious i-will-do-anything-for-you promise shit.

Poor Victoria. But i must say that Tristan suddenly looks 1000X more leng zai after the hair extension. Wa. I also want Robert Di Nero to be my hairdresser.



*spoirels end*



Enough about Starsucks.

Back to my starstruckness. I was walking in Pavilion when i saw this backdrop. Outside Soda.


Their spokespersons Dylan Kwok and Yumiko were coming for an autograph session.


I super love Guo Pin Chao ok!!!! He’s easily the mostest good lookingest chinese artist!


Looks so much like a younger, slimmer Aaron Kwok. Same surname also! I suspect they are long lost brothers.



They were coming at 5.30pm. I would have expected a mad crowd of crazy fans one but no lo.

The queue was empty.



And i did the most unbelievable thing.

I went and be the first. one. to. queue. up.




Omg i felt so paiseh. Holding a poster summore, like some high school kid with braces who sleeps with her idol’s paper cuttings underneath her pillow.

And right after my queuing up, the crowd started to join.


Their celebrity “grace period” was not so bad. They came around 5.50pm.



Guo Pin Chao!!! Chao Ji Shuai!!!


He is soooooooo tall. -_-

And super skinny.


This is the clearest pic i could get of him la.


I was soooooo starstruck and totally forgot about Yumiko. I think she actually stretched her hand to shake mine but i completely ignored her (please, who could take her eyes off Chao Chao!)! O.o

She looks very pretty! Despite her infamous “exposé”! I think she’s very Ayumi like. Dang. Even her name is so Ayumi.

And believe it or not, i felt so guilty i actually queued up twice to shake Yumiko’s hand.


Cheesie the stalker.

As if it wasn’t crazy enough, i spotted a damn good hidden place to to have the closest encounter with handsome Chao Chao.

Close enough to take decent picture without zooming! 😀


It was as close as i could get!

Although, we were separated by a glass window. I was inside the SODA shop.

And get shooed by whoever.

Btw almost all the pictures have this lady in pink stripy shirt. Very annoying!



P/S: Sorry was supposed to blog about da vincheese place. Got carried away!