I know I blogged about this in Chocoboard. But I cannot help. The show is too good, (almost as good as Sex and the City but nothing can beat that) and I got totally hooked on it!


It’s nothing but a bunch of hot lesbians who are naked all the time. It’s so explicit it’s like watching celebrity porn. I find it so intriguing how they can display so much emotion towards a girl. They kiss, they fondle, they looking into each others eyes and see stars. Either they are really super good actresses or they just love girls.

I remember this scene where Shane (or was it Bette? God I super love Bette) says to this guy she just told of her sex preference,

“Don’t give us that look. No we won’t have sex with you and another woman. We just want to have sex with another woman.”


Which reminds me of what TT told me the other day. He was having lunch with this female client of his whom he’s meeting the first time. The girl told him “By the way, I’m a lesbian” right after they shook hands.

Want liddat meh.

I mean, since when someone’s sexual preference has become the first priority of all the personal info he/she/shim/it have to spill out in front of a stranger?

Recently I discovered a very disturbing trend, that most of the straight girls like to make this claim that they are somehow incline to liking the same sex, as if it is a very in thing to do, and take it as an enormous compliment if someone asks if they are lesbians.

“Hi, I’m a lesbian, and I’m cool.” Liddat.

I’m not saying a lesbian should not come out of the closet, if she really is one. She has every right in the galaxy to do so. But no lo, those girls are 100% straight and they just say it because they think it will turn men on.

A girl told me.

“You’re hot. You know what, I’m les actually.”
“Yea? Do you have a lesbian partner?”
“Have you ever had sex with a girl?”
“How about fantasizing to have sex with a girl?”
“No, but I like to look at their naked bodies.”


I kiss my girlfriends on the lips. That doesn’t make me a lesbian. I also will pay RM30 to buy Playboy just to see Kristin Kreuk in bikinis. That doesn’t make me a lesbian, Watching Jennifer Beals undress in The L Word makes me horny. That doesn’t make me a lesbian? Don’t demean the word lesbian if you think you qualify to be one just because you think Angelina’s tits are nice. Sorry dear you’re as straight as a ruler.

Ok la I understand the whole men loving kinky exotic threesome foursome fivesome orgy idea. But telling someone what you are not is so pointless! As if they can’t attract a man as a normal woman anymore but have to twist their sexual orientation just to grab a stranger’s attention hoping he will throw in a little bit more when they start commenting on the cleavage of girls who walk by.

It’s all the men’s fault. There are more and more “social lesbians” (as Aki aptly puts it) who can transform into an instant part-time girl-loving-girl to feed the male fantasy, just so the guys will find them interesting. Which is so sad.

I have lesbian friends and most of them are intelligent, soft-spoken and classy women. Who doesn’t eagerly shout into the amplifier they are one the minute they meet a new friend. (And I don’t quite believe there are such thing as bisexuality I think they are just freaking indecisive beings who can’t make up their mind about which side they are on. So it’s just a transitional thingie).

I think most girls go through this stage where they naively believe they are bi (like, yay, the guys will find me hot!) in some way. I was attracted by this girl a few years ago to the point that I’m a little obsessed with everything she does. It was nothing sexual, just I was extremely fond of her and wanted to be around her all the time. But it’s just a phase I think. I’ve mistaken the sisterly whatever as affection. I got back to normal after that. I just think the label “lesbian” is so misused and mistaken and that there’s not a need to prove that you are one, when you are not.

I dunno la. The L Word is driving me cheeses. I’m going to buy season two. Bye.