Of course I’m kidding. You nuts.

Anyway I’m feeling so unprecedentedly charitable today.

You see right I’m getting a lot of requests to auction stuff on Wardrobe and i’ve been very busy to update! So now I will so generously recommend you a site that you can sell your stuff for free!

Go to mudah.com.my (wtf I’m so totally throwing business away)!

Everything is really really very simple! From the layout to the way things are sold. Just browse around, search for the item you want, and contact the seller directly. Selling your own items is incredibly easy too! You don’t even need to sign up!

They (and you can) sell everything from cars, gadgets, apartments to Barbie dolls and Elephant Trunk Yucca.



I spent half a day going through the items and some are really very funny!

Look at what people actually sell:

Latest Ants House

*Only the Blue Special Jel & Bottle included (Ants are NOT INCLUDE)
u can catch it at anywhere… but it must be Hard Working Ants, only can see their TOWN…


1)Open the cover of Ant Nest Bottle. Use a small stick to dig a hole for about 20-25mm. This is for the ants to know that this ground can be digged.
2)Open the cover of the bottle, put in the Ants & close the cover properly. If found the dead ant, must clear it.
3)The gel in the bottle containing water & nutrition which needs by the Ants. Therefore you do not have to feed the Ants any other things so as not to dirty the gel.


Wadda. -_-

I reckoned I could prolly sell some stuff there too.

1. The most adorable dog on earth

*Clingy like UHU glue.
*Anorexic. Can diet together.
*RM98,999,000 only. Very cheap.


2. Malfunctioned Water-Heater-Come-To-Life


*Might possess ability to communicate with human beings.
*Best gift for your bastard ex/ lousy boss.
* RM3000 (Hello, it annoys the cheese out of your enemy okay!)



Oh, and you can also post things you want in mudah.com.my too.


What I want:


Magic Tear Stopper Potion

Been very emo lately. Willing to pay RM1.50 per drop.


Room Keeper

Preferably looks like this la ok. My room very small oni, approx 100sqft. No pay given but got free flow of tab water.

I’ll send in these entries and see mudah.com.my will approve! 😀




Oh oh oh! Did i mention that I just found a lot of cute puppies for sale in mudah.com.my! Some even up for adoption for free okay! Go have a look!


Of course la please do still drop by Cheesie’s Wardrobe because I have wonderful stuff for sale right now, including a guitar and a pair of gorgeous white pumps from M by Madonna. It’s still the bestestestest auction site, why? Because Cheesie is gorgeous. Thank you.