Pun of the day:
In democracy its your vote that counts. In feudalism its your count that votes.


Mom called and she just grilled me kao kao for not registering myself to vote for the coming election. She has been a supporter of this particular party for more than 30 years, and growing up under her influences, i really think that it was one vote wasted. Sorry la mom.

So far my blog has been the ultimate bimbo blog and the word politics means a new nail polish color. But to make up for what i failed to do as an eligible voter this year, i’m going to urge all of you who has registered to cast your divine vote. I’m trying to be very politically correct here (although that sounds wrong) so, this is what i’m going to say to you all.

Be an informed voter. What’s on the newspapers isn’t everything. There are a lot of other sources of information. Hello, bloggers!

Last but not cheese, vote wisely, vote for a change.



P/S: Don’t forget to vote for your Malaysian Dream Girl also (the contestants are so much hotter)! Though i won’t be in it.