Hahaha omg pun intended.

And i want to say it again! I really, really, reeeeeally think flowers are unnecessary.

First you cannot eat it although it looks very cheesy. Second, like, what are you gonna do with it lehhhh. It’s not that i don’t like roses. I do! Roses are my favorite! But every time i receive flowers (especially from someone significant) i go all paranoid. It’s like damn sad ok. All i can do is to watch the flowers die.


Getting old and wrinkled day after day and eventually i’ll have to throw them away.

So no flowers thank you. And i don’t believe in potpourri.



Commercial Break

I was invited to Coca Restaurant for their Valentine’s Day set dinner. At first i was like “harh wtf steamboat for Valentine’s?”

Ooooh. I bet you dunno Coca also serves full course western set dinner.


Went to the one in Bangsar Shopping Center, 3rd floor.



Eight juicy shrimps dipped into a thousand islands surrounded by crispy lettuce.

I love everything juicy :D.

Fresh scallop in shells, kerabu style, very appetizing indeed!

Sharkfin soup.

Waaa this has all the really luxurious goodness. A bowl of all seafood treasures including sharkfin, crab meat, abalone, scallop, fish maw, sea asparagus and fish roe.


Main Course

Lamb shank with brown sauce (or you can opt for yellow curry).

Cod fish grilled to perfection. Loved it!!

With a little pink heart-shape radish garnishing.



Mango pudding

Mocktail called Blue Pattaya. (or you can opt for a glass of red or white wine, alternatively)

You find yourself swimming across pineapple juice and sprite before diving into the deep Blue Curacao. A refreshing end to a hearty meal!


1. Although it’s kind of strange to dine in a restaurant that specializes in steamboats on (supposedly) Vday, you will love the ambiance. It’s super the spacious and quiet. It’s exquisite yet not pretentiously atas (you know, fine dining, table manners, different knives for salad, steak and bread, three waitstaff in uniform waiting by your side blah blah blah. Gonna lose all the fun!). It’s perfect for a rendezvous hehehe.

2. Go for the seafood, they tasted so fresh-from-the-ocean. Especially love the shrimps and cod fish. The only thing you should be warned is the onion-laden scallop salad. Though it’s lip-smackingly delicious, it’s not very conducive to the lip-smacking afterwards, if you know what i mean! 😀

3. Overall it was a very comfortable experience. If this is your first Vday dinner with someone special and you’re too nervous for words, you can even have a little fun while waiting for your dishes to be served. This is what we did.


What?! Still CNY ok.



*Other Coca outlets available in KL Plaza,Subang Parade and One Utama.
*The Valentine’s set dinner is priced at RM240++ for two.
*The lady will receive a complimentary bouquet of flowers and Fererro Rocher worth RM120 if you make a booking in advance. You guys out there can skip the long queue for last minute gifts already!
*Call 03-22823900 (Coca BSC) for reservation.


Happy Valentine’s Day!