Some of you commented that it didn’t work, so I’ve updated it with clearer instructions on how to donate using SMS, so go forth and save those cute turtles!

I’m sure you remember the Save the Rhino campaign everyone was talking about awhile ago. Now we’re going to save something a lot cuter 🙂

Cute turtle!

Turtles!!! So cute! Do you have the heart to let it extinct?

Just for your info, there are seven species of sea turtles: green, hawksbill, leatherback, olive ridley, flatback, Kemp’s ridley and loggerhead turtles, and the first four can be found in Malaysian waters.

Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo are Green Turtles.

green turtle
Green Turtle

Up until today, humans still hunt sea turtles for their meat, eggs and shells. Polluted seas also pose a problem for sea turtles. Leatherbacks, for instance, often mistake floating plastic bags for jellyfish, and die after eating such litter.

Turtles have swum in our seas for more than 100 million years and they want to continue swimming happily ever after.


Want this to happen?

Please help our precious turtle and donate by SMSing to WWF using the following simple steps:
1. Type into your message exactly like below, and don’t forget to add a space in between!

WWF Your-full-name Your-e-mail
eg. WWF Angelina

2. Send to 39398.
3. That’s it! Did you expect more? It’s that easy 🙂 Oh btw, each SMS donates RM3.

Or donate at You will receive a special edition Fridge Magnet for donation of RM100 & above.

Freedom Flipper
Freedom Flipper is the Turtle Idol winner voted by WWF supporters. She is now a hawksbill turtle fitted with a satellite transmitter.

Wanna get to know more about Turtles? Go to for more info.