Hi all, this is granny mama cheesie making a special guestblogging appearance πŸ™‚

My daughter, as you all know fondly as Cheesie, has never been one to show off about herself, mostly posting about her travels, funny stories, quirky stuff and others… This is why I want to make this a special post for her, while she’s doing her best in the Dreamhouse.

Smiling Cheese

I want all of you, her fans, supporters, readers and friends (and also those who are just passing by) to know how proud I am about this daughter of mine.

As this is my first attempt, I want to say sorry first if I made any mistakes, and also for the boring title of my post. My english isn’t as good as hers ma. So if possible can you help suggest a title for my future posts? Like blah who suggested Malaysian Dreamcheese, that was very smart of her πŸ™‚

Speaking of smart, let me just tell you a little about her academic excellence which I’m quite proud of. A long time ago, she always brought back As home from school and show them to me, to make me proud of her. For her PMR, she scored straight (8) A’s and I think some of you may know she also got 10A1’s for her SPM result, including 1119 (O-levels English). That is how she got scholarship to study in LUCT… How not to be proud of my daughter?

But that’s not all. Let me tell you a secret, she never really studies at home (though that’s not very correct..) and she doesn’t want to go tuition class. She thinks I doesn’t know but she really wants me to save the money for myself, which I am so appreciative about. I feel so blessed to have a daughter like her…

Okay sorry for digressing. The reason why I want to post this special post is to tell you about her first times. Yes, this is the Cheesie you may not even heard of. Young Cheesie’s first time in many things. And for this post, it’s the first time she got her 1st handphone, when she was just 16, by her own efforts…


She actually wrote a post talking about it before, over here. So I am just going to show you a picture of my daughter, who NOT only received a new phone, but vouchers as well to get herself these new pair of denim pants and jacket from Levi’s (which she has never asked from me).

First phone, denim jeans and shirt!

She’s 1 of the faces among 30 others taken from approximately 30,000 people (maybe I exaggerating la :P) by Maxis, all around Malaysia, so you calculate the odds of her winning, especially since there was only 2 counters in Seremban itself… and as you can see, she was very happy, and that alone completes my own happiness πŸ™‚

Hot Cheese

Anyway I think the post is now a little too long. I should save more for the next few, do you think so? Oh and before I forget, help me suggest a nice, punny title so that when she visits her own blog from Dreamhouse again, I want her to know that I love her too, more than my Cheddie, so that she will also comment here that she loves me back. Hehe.

Bye for now, and thanks a lot for reading this granny’s ramblings πŸ™‚