Hey! Can you update already??? You are now taking care of Cheesie’s blog, you can’t just leave it hanging forever, do something already! You don’t have to explain anything as I know u would have done it already if you could, just post something up ok?? Stupid. I think Cheddie can do a better job than you.

Okok.. Let’s talk about ….hmmm, boring mundane stuffs like the hot date that I went out with last weekend. Haha.

This SYT (Sweet Young Thing) that I knew from school, called me the other day. We hardly ever spoke to each other in school and thus, I was literally floating on cloud 9 when she asked me out on a date with her. Yay, I have hit the jackpot! Finally!!

So we met on last Saturday, cheapo me treated her to drinks from the local coffee shop. She didn’t look very impressed with my choice. Haha. So began the idle chatting, and then she dropped the bomb. She tried to sell me insurance. Damn…Why does this always happen to me??!!

I immediately came out with some lame-ass excuse by saying that it’s time for Cheddie to have meal and Cheesie will absolutely kill me if I forgot about it…and with that I made haste.

Conclusion: Perhaps I should be an insurance agent so that I can meet more SYTs???? Idea or not?

PS, anyone heard of buying insurance for their pet? I think Cheddie needs one. She is too hyperactive, always running into things. Ouch!!!