from Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Sorry i’ve failed you. But i’m back as your favorite blogger. =)


Omgwtfbbqdvdmdg (yes your Cheesie is back. Stronger now). I just spent 10 hours scanning through 888 emails (how auspicious) and catching up with my own blog (how ironic). Sorry i haven’t been able to reply all.

Feels good to be able to have a say finally on my own blog. It looks beautiful. Thank you for all the banners, i don’t have the heart to take them down yet. Thank you Nuffnang, this is the most blog skin matching skyscraper ad i’ve seen in a long time. Thank you whoever voted for me, you have made me stay this far in the competition. Owe you tons of good post.

Need to sort out some urgent stuff and promise, as soon as i can set my fingers on the keyboard again , Cheeserland will be resurrected from its dormant cheesiness in no time.

Stay cheesed and love you all.