*composes self*

This time i’m really a little pissed. For so many times i just shut the cheese up and didn’t even bother to defend myself. Say whatever you want, edit whatever you want, censor whatever you want, favor whoever you like.

But even my last words also you censor, a bit too much la. This is exactly what i said. And the bold part is what they cut off.

“I’ve one thing to clear up. I’ve read some comments about me being unappreciative and i do not acknowledge what my supporters have done for me, but that’s not true. *Because i’ve said my thank yous and made my dedications a million times BUT YOU GUYS NEVER PUT IT ON AIR. And I’m not sure if you’re gonna put this on air either. * ”

And i guess not.

Sigh. Reality shows. Pun intended.

Anyway. Bimbo pictures. This is the make up shoot themed Candy Look, which we did for Bertha Gallery’s make up students. We were the subject of their examination.





I tell you. After putting on slabs of foundation then removing it with make-up remover, steps repeated ad nauseam, my face felt like it was dying. Even the mildest moisturizer felt like sand paper on my skin.

Make up is eeeeeevil.

Commenting is off by the way. Not in the mood to eat shit today.