Fine. While i was away someone came and sabotaged my blog. Then they came and sabotaged my dog.

Cheddie was supposed to go for a trim but the moronic groomer almost skinned her alive. She is now semi bald. I can’t show her pictures because she now looks like a freaking cat.


Then it dawned on me that i’ve broken a promise sworn on Cheddie’s white fur. Regret of the year. Also, you know the saying about doggies and their owners growing more and more alike? Well. We both lost weight and had our hair cut really short.

Anyone knows where to get hair extension for dogs?!?!666

Anyway. I’m super happy. Firstly for some politically incorrect reason which i’m not gonna say here. Secondly, thanks to all your votes, i won the Red Fm Red Babe contest. Last but not cheese, i received this!!



I passed my JLPT Level 2. The edge of the cert is torn because, apparently, Cheddie was happier than i was when the postman delivered the package. -_-

Happy Labor Day!