Wa so punny! I like. 😀

Speaking of wildness, i wonder if there’s such thing as wild cheese. See they got wild mushroom, wild berry, and even wild garlic. Since cheese is cultivated, if it is wild then it should come from a very exotic, undomesticated beast.

God i’m so good at digressing. Anyway! What am i going to wear for Nuffnang’s Wild ‘Live’ Blogging party!! For their Pirates Party i had a Pirate Costume, and for their Pajamas Party i had my PJs. Wild life wor. How? Good la if my name is Jane i can just go to the party naked. But i’m a cheese wor. Plus i don’t even know which altercheesego is going to take over that night. Like i say, i might be a confused mousie who thinks that she is a mutated bunny obsessed with cheese, or a obsessed bunny who thinks that she is a confused mousie mutated into cheese, or a confused cheese who thinks that she is a mutated mousie obsessed with bunnies.




I have a few options.

1. The Wild Cheese

Huh, cheese is not an animal meh? Ok fine. Scrap that.


2. French Maid
Eh. French maid is also not an animal hor. But it could be WILD! Okokok. Let’s think of something else.


3. CheesieMousie

Minnie will be very, very unhappy. Forget it.


4. China’s Most Precious

Neh. I can stop sleeping for one week ma to go with that look. Sure create a pandamonium at the party.


5. The Fake Bitch

Based on regular anonymous comments, i already am one! I can just wear this, and bring Cheddie along. Don’t bother bringing your dog because, like, as if it’s not obvious enough, my dog is like, cuter than yours. Damn right, it’s cuter than yours (i can teach you, but i have to charge).

I tell you, Cheddie is the real fake bitch. I always carry her in her Juicy bag right. And whoever sees her will just gasp and go like “Omg is that a real dog or is it a toy? Omg it moves!!!” So yea. She’s the real fake bitch. And i’m proud to be the mom of a fake bitch. A faker bitch. HAHAHAHA!

So don’t copy fake bitch. I suggest you dress as a baked fish. It rhymes yummy.


6. The Hare

What. I know it’s a bunny suit but this is a wild party. So it’s a wild bunny. I hope they serve rarebit as finger food.


7. The Werebit

One level wilder than the above. It’s a mutated hare.


8. Miss Spotty


This is the only costume people haven’t seen. Yay. I can wear this, right?

Wrong. It’s sold. Now i regret selling all my costumes off. Can you sell it back to me?


Haih very fan lo.

Oh. I know what i can do.

I will just borrow costume from this fella.


Go and inspire yourself.