[diplomacy] Well, you know, it has to be the best thing ever happened in my life. Whether or not i win the title is not important to me, what matters most is that, you know, i’ve made a lot of new friends through the competition and they are the best true souls i could have ever met. They are really nice, like, you know, we get along well just like sisters. Bitching? What bitching. I will forever cherish the precious friendship we have nurtured throughout the two months. What? The car? Oh, i was never in it for the money. It’s all about the… you know, like the whole experiences and exposure kinda thing. I’ve learnt a great deal through this competition. Like, life in general, the A-Z about modelling. It has been really educational, we learnt how to watch our diet, like, can you believe that Spicy Chicken McDeluxe actually has more than 600 calories? and… a revelation on how much RM10 can buy in a meal, it made me get in touch spiritually with the hungry children in Africa. Of course there are difficult times, to illustrate, when we ran out of dish washing liquid, oh, the kitchen crisis! As well as the time we discovered 5 egg yolks in the dustbin, man, THE CHILDREN IN AFRICA, PEOPLE! So yea, in summary, i would say that this competition has, you know, enriched my life in so many ways. Oh yea, of course and most definitely i will hang out with all the girls after the show. Mwah and love ya all sistas! [/diplomacy]



It’s always interesting to see how things turn out when you put a bunch of girls together in the same house. In which case it is a dozen of complicated beings living under the same roof–twenty four seven.

Endless bitching, true enough, but it was never one person’s fault and i will blame it on the conflicting personalities of each individual. The fact is, everybody talked about everybody (in a non favorable way mostly), especially towards the end of the show. And it is really funny to see how some of them who talked the most (no it’s not Cindy, ha, surprise of the century!), are more often than not the ones who claimed to be so holier-than-thou in condemning what i wrote, hence starting a Boycott-Ringo-Campaign at the beginning because Ringo should not have questioned the judges’ divine decision. And look exactly what they were doing. A fermented beancurd calling the cheese stinky. I feel so sorry for the judges to have favored the wrongest girl.


The videos are heavily edited, judge the girls all you want if it makes you happy. Truth is, some are greatly misunderstood and some clearly are not as innocent as portrayed over your computer screen. The way people shallowly put a certain girl up the pedestal pisses me off to the last molecule of my marrow. The camera wasn’t there 24hours. What you see is either some compulsory boring footage to please the sponsors or interviews which are cut paste cut paste to a whole new definition. You haven’t spent a single minute with them yet you are talking so much. Judge only when you have spent twentyfourseven, for a grand total of 54 days in the same house with the same girls, having been accustomed to from their eating habit to sleeping habit. Then i think you are entitled to a piece of opinion.

And about Cindy’s winning. Give her a break already. And what’s with the on and on and on about her father? She just happened to have a very focused father (possibly very wealthy and positively supportive too) who channeled all his love into typing sms’es to make his daughter happy. What is wrong with that? If some of them had spent less money on printing T-shirts and banners for the finale maybe they stand a higher chance to win the show as well. Ever thought of that? Cheesh. If i had a dad like Cindy’s, i’ll be freaking happy lo.

I don’t understand why some people (including some so-called really professional people) made comments about the result being very unfair. What is so unfair about it? If anything, from the wrongest outfit to the wrongest choice of professionals, to the wrongest exploitation to endless manipulation and annoying favoritism—is unfair. Why haven’t i heard anything about it? MDG made the wrongest choice of people to piss off, in which case was Cindy’s dad, which eventually contributed to her winning. To put it simply, it’s a bloody family competition. See which family is willing to risk and fork out more. Nothing unfair about the winning. If you check the weekly top voter list la, you will see the top winners with the surname Teh, Lee and a Malay name. Hello isn’t that obvious enough?!?!? I was secretly happy that it was Cindy who won the show, actually. Because if she did not, whatever she says thereafter will just be dismissed as another sour grape remark. At least she’s now THE Malaysian Dreamgirl and nothing else matters anymore.

If there is one thing i learnt, it is that being meek, polite and uncomplaining gets you no where in such a competition. Discarding the voting system factor, the best thing i could have done is to bully my way to the top.

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P/S: This post is written somewhere back in early May. See hor, a lot of things doesn’t really matter to me now that i re-read it. But i just feel like posting it la. Good things don’t go to waste. Oh yes baby, comment still shamelessly moderated. 🙂