God. Finally i get to post some happenings happened long ago. Was on a roll of advertorials damn crazy can. But happy happy! More stuff coming in to my home cheese home. 🙂

So much to blog! Okay we do a reverse chronological order.


Chelsea Chelsea!

Thank you thank you Heineken, i have watched the first ever football match live in my life. And it was… sweaty.


Grandstand ticket courtesy of heineken. 🙂




Spotted Mike from far far away.




Desmond my contest winner and his friend… Desmond. O.o I’ve met four Desmonds altogether in this week.


Ky Smoothie.


Die hard fan of Chelsea.


Managed to squeeze ourself to the front before everyone started yelling “Hoi! duduk!! duduk!!”


Sooooooooo many peeper.


The end result.


Gossip session at McD’s after match.











I heart Heineken. I shall attempt to drink one bottle.




Yo Sushi

I’ve heard not so good reviews about the Japanese restaurant located in Pavillion, but thanks to Shaz’s invitation, i got to wine and dine in Yo Sushi, and i must say that i’m pretty impressed by the food (not so much the wine because i hate any kind of alcohol) and service!



Ok i withdraw the i hate alcohol part. I just attempted drinking a bottle of Heineken. And Omg where’s my Frangelico!!!

Salmon sashimi with black caviar.


Deep Fried Hairy Prawns. Served with wasabi-ginger mayonnaise and fried Shirao baitfish.


We’re all lovin it!


Beef Teriyaki. Australian Ribeye Beef grilled lightly with Enoki Mushroom and Asparagus.


Assorted Iso Rolls: Unagi Roll, Soft Shell Crab Roll and Spicy Salmon Roll.


Wine! (i dunno their names, sorry.)


Dessert is the bomb! 😀 Pakistan Mango Pancake Roll with Italian Amedei Chocolate.


A special mention to Jojo, a waitstaff in Yo Sushi. Very bubbly, friendly and helpful. If you guys see him next time please give him a nice smile. 🙂


Ya i know my post looks repulsively unoriginal. That’s because it isn’t. It’s shamelessly plagiarized from Spinzer.us. Hi, you should thank me for making your post original. Thank you.




Henessy Artistry

Ky and I on MSN.

KY: are u going to the hennessy event?
Cheesie: tarak orang ajak
KY: do you want to?
KY: i can ajak you
Cheesie: when where how who what
KY: it’s only for non muslim, above 21 yr old
Cheesie: sadly im qualified for 2nd one as well
KY: oh well. i’ve been qualified for almost 10 years!
KY: this saturday, bukit kiara indoor arena
KY: well, it’s got the lolololololol song, by flo rida
Cheesie: lol
KY: there’s also some machi without the bai
Cheesie: HAHA
KY: some dj latin prince, who’s probably never gonna be a king
KY: pop shuvit who doesn’t rock
KY: and a vj callen
Cheesie: knock knock, who’s there?
Cheesie: VJ Callen
Cheesie: Callen who?
KY: you


Not much picture on this. But omg, i stood right in front of Flo Rida. And i molested him. :/

Plus the pictures are very bad la.


LV belt, woot!

This is all i managed to get off Flo Rida! Sometimes standing too near isn’t that great after all. But hor, i’m so amazed by the way he wears his pants. It sits below his ass. I seriously don’t know how it still clings on to his erm, lower torso. Maybe the amount he paid for the LV belt is not all just for the brand. Either that or he got the pants hooked on something ahem. I dunno! But it’s gonna be the trend in the near future! We call it the Fart-Friendly Cut. Air only has to go through the thin undie linen instead of the thick denim.


I don’t know any other of his songs other than the lol lol lol song.

Actually i didn’t really know the lyrics. Damn potong steam cuz everyone shouted along.

So KY took out his phone and toot toot toot on his keypad.

Then he showed me this.



He used his Maxis 3G to goggle for Low’s lyrics. -_-

Apple Bottom Jeans
Boots with the fur
The whole club was lookin at her
She hit the flo
Next thing you know
Shawty got lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

And we looked at the phone LCD and sang along. Like karaoke. Except it was in front of the artist.

God. Maxis so should pay me for this post.

So apt! Everyone lol lol loled when he performed (i reckon sing is not so much the correct choice of word here) that song.

Everyone put their hands up above their head like this—> lol




A crazy video.

1. Can see how close KY, Ching and i were to Flo.
2. Can see how his Jeans flo really lo.
3. I attempted a molestation on Flo Rida.
4. I actually molested Flo Rida…

‘s shoe.


This video shows KY goggling for lyrics.




Ahhhh. Haven’t blogged crap post like this for a long long time. Wanted to write a lot but cheese it la, feeling very uninspired today. Killed too much brain cells on advertorials to please my very generous sponsors. Also too preoccupied with something else. Which i’m very excited about! Might or might not blog it! 😀


Still some Bali letfover pictures to post. Maybe after this.