When i saw it i was like, so excited.

Like, finally i got a hate mail. (Omg Cheesie i hate you because you are so ugly you make me wanna throw up but where did you get that gorgeous dress from? Oh God now i hate myself)


Oh well.


Nah nah nah! Give you la. Here’s the secret to end your nightmare.

Ok i cheated. I didn’t devise this system. But some cheesnius did. Watch the vid. Towards the end, i was mortified by a shocking twist. It’s like watching an A-class thriller (actually, better. I just watched Eagle Eye and it was like bluerrrgh). Ching and i simply had to pick up our jaws from my dusty floor.

Watch. For a surprise twist. Which is simply genius.

Behold. The Best Desktop Tower Defense System. Ever.

The trick is to build a lot of squirt towers at the center (concentrating on one zone) and upgrade them kao kao. And when you have the extra moolah, build a few of the square thingie (i’m too sleepy to find out what it is called now. Gimme a break. It’s 1:47am) to deter the flying creeps. Then came the super brilliant trick. The erase and add on maze part.

I KNOW! I totally.. could have come up with that exact tactic too. I swear! (to myself, of course). Or… at least something similar. I just needed… a little bit of time! It’s so simple, isn’t it? I totally could do it. Well. Perhaps. Sorta. I think la.


OK. Now you can sleep peacefully knowing well that your desktop is now creep-free.


And now, you can send me nice little thank you notes/mails/sms oh wait you don’t have my number ok scrap that/cards/presents to thank me for saving your career.

And you are welcome.