Haro. This is a reminder for those who are promised two tickets to House Bunny tonight to appear gorgeously, 9pm at Cathay Cineplex, Cineleisure. If you can’t find me, look for Robb ok.

Can you please drop me a comment to let me know if you would be going tomorrow? Because if you can’t make it last minute i can pass the tickets to someone else. Thanks ya.



Anyway very thank you for your contribution to the I Cannot Tahan List. Here are some entries i find very amusing:

1. i cannot stand my hair sticking to my lipgloss when an irritating gust of wind comes around–Grace (Omg tell me about it!)

2. i cannot tahan the feeling when you just have a wet fart and don’t know if it follows through–KY (What the fart?)

3. i cannot tahan if I don’t add this I cannot tahan. Cause I cannot tahan people who don’t reply text messages. T_T–Choco (Haha here. I replied your comment)

4. i cannot tahan without visiting your cheeserland.com blog!–Emmeline Koh (Awwww!)

5. i cannot tahan when my cute guy fren wink at me–Cassie (Wa i can so relate to that! :P)

6. i cannot tahan my ’sai’ if i never ‘pang’ for 2 days. Hahaha—Shien (lolol)

7. Its tap, not tab. And cigarette buds, not butts–Jovane (First typo corrected. But i cannot tahan people who incorrectly correct other people’s correct spelling/grammar)

8. i cannot tahan the chao ah bengs with their modded Wiras trying to whack my big engine–Tan Yee Hou

9. i cannot tahan seeing two people sitting at a table meant for 6 when I am with a group of people, especially when the restaurant is full!!–Reika

10. i cannot tahan cheeserland left unupdated for a day–Kenneth Chan (Wtf liddat you mah beh tahan almost every alternate day?)

11. i cannot tahan that KY is way above me on cheeseroll…–Tom (HAHAHA! Get a shorter/smoother name!)

12. i cannot tahan wreckless drivers. They die ok but dont drag others to die together–Reyen

13. i cannot tahan kancil. My one foot can step on the accelerator and brake at the same time–Reyen (You are so cute like a Kancil. lolol)

14. i cannot tahan those top students who say they dont know how to do the test or say sure fail and then get 100 marks when the results are out. Kanasai!–Reyen (But it happens!!!666 *guilty* *wtf* *tak malu*)

15. i cannot tahan top score students that complaint that they only get 98%/100 or A- for their exams, like it’s the end of their lives ( feel like want to kick them ar…high marks also not happy)–Johnny Tai (Go be good friends wit Reyen!)

16. i cannot tahan name droppers – those who drop names to make themselves feel important. you earn my respect for who you are, not who you know. let me introduce my middle finger to you. nah–Potatoe (God i so have to add this into my list)

17. i cannot tahan monday morning drivers on the fast lane doing 40km per hour on a 80km per hour speed limit during peak hours – my grandma drives faster than you, with 1 hand, while picking her nose–Potatoe

18. i cannot tahan pretty shoes that give me %&#$*(%&# blisters that hurt like a bitch–whimsicaljottings (My sentiment, exactly. But i also cannot tahan comfy but ugly shoes. how ah?)

19. i cannot tahan this particular female blogger who thinks she has AWESOME English and proceeds to use bombastic words that are not even appropriate/not to be used in that particular context. Doesn’t help that she is racist too =_________= —whimsicaljottings (Omg i cannot tahan not knowing who this is. Who? Who wo wo who!)

20. i cannot tahan those policemen who simply tahan people juz because they wanna “drink coffee”…–naVICgaTOR

21. i cannot tahan when a woman, lets her son, run around the bus to sit anywhere he wants. no prob if the kid’s good and well-behaved. but there’s nothing worse when the kid is SUPER fidgety, digs his nose for the entire trip of 30 mins and happily proceeds to eat his “loot”. jesus christ–Jen (Oooomg and i cannot tahan noisy and annoying kids who bawl and wail)

22. i cannot tahan when my granduncle said:”I go around Ipoh sampling all the different dishes. All the hawkers know me”. Err…ok =S–Lionel

23. i cannot tahan shops with posters saying, ‘CLEARANCE – CLOSING DOWN SOON!’…and you find out they’re still open a year later! With the same poster stuck onto the window, too!–Hongyi

24. i cannot tahan people who constantly reminds other people of their birthday and making a big deal of it 2 weeks before as if other people don’t have birthday and he/she is the only one in the world with a birthday like that! infuriating!–ADG

25. i cannot tahan my kentut when I need to kentut especially after makaning something with loadsa onions! and sometimes I kennot tahan the smell of my own kentut… *faint*–Monkticon

26. i cannot tahan couples who spend their own sweet time to discuss what movie to watch when it’s their turn at the ticket counter when they have all the time in the world during the long queue before their turn. And the most paling cannot tahannest is these idiots don’t know how to read the colour code and picked the sold out movie. So there goes another cycle of “spending their own sweet time to discuss what movie to watch when it’s their turn at the ticket counter when they have all the time in the world during the long queue before their turn”–Dylan Lim



If you have something else to contribute you can still do so! I will add on to the list if i think it’s funny enough. 🙂

I cannot tahan blogging so late at night when i’m super sleepy. Wa spent so much time compiling this list! Must sleep! Nanai. See you tomorrow i mean later. My sense of time screwed up.