This was the most spontaneous decision ever.

It went like

“Oli where are you.”
“I’m in London.”
“Can i visit you.”
“You better be here fast, cuz i’m heading back to Shanghai soon!”
“Then i’ll see you in Shanghai.”

And so i bought a ticket to Shanghai.

And it’s gonna be the most relaxing holiday, ever.

I flew 2am and reached 7am at Pudong, Shanghai. Somehow the flight felt really short. Sat next to an empty seat, and the seat next to the empty seat sat a Japanese, who offered to let me stretch my legs across the seat. And i slept fitfully for a few hours. I called Oli the moment i touched down.

“Hey! I’m here!!!666” (Okay, you can’t exactly express !!!666 over the phone, but you know what i mean.)
“Oh great!”
“So i just take a taxi over to your place?”
“What taxi? I’m here, outside!”

7am in the morning. Oli is the sweetest thing giant. He stands at exactly 200cm tall. Six feet freaking seven.

This is how tall he is.

This is me. The pic is really shakey because Oli was kancheong when the elevator’s door suddenly opened and someone’s in it.

I love walking behind Oli. Because i will never need an ella ella e (that’s how yee hou says umbrella.).

This is my room. Oli bought new bedsheet and comforter for me. AWWWW!

cheesie: Oli. You don’t have a bolster.
Oli: A what?
cheesie: Bolster. I can’t sleep without a bolster.
Oli: What’s a bolster?
cheesie: O.o
Oli: What?
cheesie: Are you serious?
Oli: What’s a bolster? The only bolster i know is “reinforce”. Like, “He bolstered the defense”?
cheesie: What the. So you don’t know what a bolster is?
Oli: No. What’s a bolster.
cheesie: What do you call that long, soft thing you hug to sleep?
Oli: Girls?

HAHAHA. That’s Oli. And i can’t stop teasing his bri’ish accent. He pronounces “duck” as “dog”.

cheesie: So what do you call the feathery bird, that swims?
Oli: “Dog”.
cheesie: WHAT? Dog? So what do call the puppy thing?
Oli: “Dug”.
cheesie: What the. So how do you pronounce the past tense of dig?
Oli: “Dork”.
cheesie: Ok. So what do you call the place where you stop your boat at?
Oli: “Duck.”
cheesie: -_-.

Shanghai is a lot warmer than i thought. My boots makes me look super silly. This is really gonna be great. We have no itinerary whatsoever planned out for the next 2 weeks. Just chill, relax, eat, watch DVDs and laugh.

Oli is playing his Guitar Hero and i’m here online. I’m so thankful the Great FireWall doesn’t block And i’m drinking some Chinese orange juice. Best thing in the world.


I’m starting to like it here! Let me know if you have something to recommend in Shanghai. 🙂

PS: Ok apparently Oli’s Turkish flatmate Oytun also doesn’t know what a bolster is. -_-